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    10 miles north of Tyler.

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    Feb 2009
    Creswell, Oregon
    Lane County Oregon, no more than two hours from any recreation you would want.
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    South Central, Tx
    in the hill country, near fredericksburg.

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    South of Houston, League City

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    Apr 2009
    Belding, Michigan
    I'm on the west side of Michigan 35 miles N.E of Grand but considering moving to TX or WI....I a friend that lives just north of Dallas in Farmers Branch that wants me to move down....I had a run that had multi stops in Terrell, (2+ ) in Fort Worth, Cleburne, Temple, Some times I had Roanoke, San Antonio, Huston, Eagle Pass, Laredo....I love being down in TX.......WI is kinda her idea...why I have no idea more dam snow....NO....

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    Wink Where I stays

    Southwest Fort Worth (Cowtown).....

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    half way between Cocoa and downtown Orlando, but still considered Orlando
    (RIA .45 cs)
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    North Central Texas
    Hello from Copeville Texas 30 min northeast of Big" D"

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    I currently find my residence on the Gulf Coast… urm… the Florida Gulf Coast. :(

    BUT, my home is most definitely TEXAS. Still have land where I was born and raised out in West Texas, (Denver City). The DFW metroplex was where I lived the prior 15 years before coming to Florida.

    Fully expect to lead my family back HOME to TEXAS at a future date yet to be determined! But, GOD willing, it will happen sooner rather than later!
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    Dallas/Fort Worth
    I live right by Frisco and I am FULLY ARMED as well! ......and READY!
    An ARMED individual is a CITIZEN! ...An UNARMED individual is a SUBJECT!

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