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    May 2009
    Dallas/Fort Worth
    Would all from or near DFW be willing to trade contact info by way of a PM? That would be a good way to stay in touch....have get togethers.....etc etc
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    Denton or just outside Denton. I also have a place in Winnsboro in East Texas

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    Quote Originally Posted by matthewaynelson View Post
    I currently find my residence on the Gulf Coast… urm… the Florida Gulf Coast. :(

    BUT, my home is most definitely TEXAS. Still have land where I was born and raised out in West Texas, (Denver City). The DFW metroplex was where I lived the prior 15 years before coming to Florida.

    Fully expect to lead my family back HOME to TEXAS at a future date yet to be determined! But, GOD willing, it will happen sooner rather than later!

    I'm home, I'm home, thank GOD I'm home!! We have returned to my beloved State of TEXAS!! We are in Arlington now! Yeehaw!!
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    Sep 2009
    Warren, TX
    Warren TX, 'bout 45 miles north of Beaumont.
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    I live in Denton just north of Dallas. It is good to se so many members in Texas and a lot that would like to be in Texas.

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    Hi yall, I have been lurking here for a couple of weeks and joined a few days ago.. I'm from Central Texas half way between Bryan/College Station and Waco.

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    kempner just west of ft.hood. anyone close pm we can get some shooting in.
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  9. Still in Texas...

    We are now full time in our RV and now heading down to Port Aransas. My Home address is in Livingston, TX..

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    Nov 2009
    hills of Southern Ky.
    ...foothills of the Cumberland Mountains, south central Kentucky...

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    Jan 2010
    Kingdom City, Missouri
    Central Missouri now but I'm a native of Madison County

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