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    Feb 2011
    Fort Worth, Texas
    Target1911, hey nieghbor! I too dwell on the westside of Fort Worth. Settlement Plaza niehborhood off of Acadamy.
    "Democracy... is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.
    Liberty ... is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote."-- Benjamin Franklin

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    Central Texas USA
    Belton, Texas 50 miles North of Austin on I-35

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    North Ft Worth near I35 & 820

  5. Just outside Austin.....yes its weird
    we dont call 911

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    Anna, Texas, just an hour or so north of Dallas, nice and quiet here, but fully armed.

  7. I live in the middle of ohio, columbus area

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    Houston Metro Area, Texas
    Quote Originally Posted by Samurai View Post
    Newbie in Katy, just west of Houston/ carrier for over a year now. Can anyone tell me what it means when, like Florida or Kansas et al, says they honor "TX Resident Permits Only
    Texas also issues non resident permits, Fl will only honor if you are a Texas resident permit holder

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    Victoria, Texas

    Victoria, Texas

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    Sedlia, MO area. Anyone around

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    Northern Utah......... I can't tell on my phone. Was this posted in the Texas forum or are most people on the store from Texas?

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