9th grade student brings .22 to school


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Oh I am sure the Brady bunch and others of the same mind set will try and make more out of it than they should. That is to be expected.


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The kid's parents should kick his butt and ask him W T F he was thinking.

Although at least this was a real gun. So it's better than that girl who got suspended for a wooden parade rifle.


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My son mentioned this and I am hoping that this won't cause the non gun advocates to become rabid...

Culpeper ninth-grader suspended after gun found in bookbag | Charlottesville Daily Progress

Gun found at EVHS | Culpeper Star-Exponent
I doubt that this one has much effect. Earlier this year a 6th grader at my wife's school tried to bring one but his 2nd grade brother, who is in my wife's class, told the bus driver on him. The driver called the schoold and when they arrived the police were waiting.

Last year at one of the other district schools a 4th grader brought a gun to school to kill the principal and had his clothes packed to hitchhike to Florida. It was suppose to be three of them in on it but the other two chickened out and told on him.

At a nearby school a star athlete had his go off and blow a hole in his back pocket while standing in the lunch line. The sad part for him was he was ready to sign a football scholarship with a Div-1 program. After this happened all offers were dropped.

Actually it is rather common around here so one more case won't make much difference.


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9th grader

Gee, I thought having a handgun on your person and having it go off was required training for the NFL. :laugh:

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