Aim point/ Eotech mount??

Does anyone know of a web site that sells a side flip mount for a magnifier? I have only been able to find the mount with the scope. I do not want the scope i just need the side flip mount. Also does anyone know of a side flip mount that mounts around the magnifier? I have only been able to find the ones that screw into the bottom of the scope. This is the kind of of mount i'm talking about. See in the photo the screws in the top and how the mount holds the scopes.

Mako 3x Magnifier

I would love to find a side flip mount that mounts like that. Or hell just the side flip mount with out he scope.

No it's not. It's the mount style i was looking for but that's the other one before the side flip came out. The one in the link rotates 90% and you pull off the 3x mag leaving the mount in place on the gun. Then you put it back on when you need it. It was close and thank you vary much for looking and trying to help.
Ok i found the mount i was looking for. Now i have a new problem how to make it work with the magnifier. As it's made for a Aimpoint and made to screw into the scope how can i make it work with the magnifier i posted above that takes around the scope mount? Here is the Magnifier . read the reviews on it and seems good and don't have 500 to 800 for a aimpoint or eotech. So i ask all you who like ao mod stuff how oh how to make this work? Here is the mount
I'm curious how this set up will work as well, as I like the idea of mimmicking the function of some of the expensive heads-up goodies. (I'd love an ACOG, but can't see the $$$ for one.)

I'll kick around online and ask folks at the rifle range too to see if there's an effective, practical and hopefully 'cost-effective' way to swing this, short of spending as much as you would on the more expensive optic in the first place. Some of those mounts alone are costly. Thanks for sharing those additional links. I think I get the direction you're looking to go with this now. Very interesting.
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Yeah I'm looking at the EoTech 511 it's only 379 ( LOL i say only like its no big deal) with Mako x3 Mag both together come to 500. Not bad seeing as a aim point mag is like 500 to 600 and a Eotech mag is 800. Does anyone own a FENIX flashlight? I know Glock does but i have not seen him on here in a while. I want to know about the modes. Can you set it to the mod you want? Or to get to the one you want do you have to push the button till you get to it? I"m thinking about mounting it on a Ar-15 and would like to have it set to the strobe mod so when i push it it strobes. But if you have to keep pushing the button till you get to the mode you want it will do me no good.

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