Any good recipes/cooking methods for Wild Hog?

Looking to go hunting soon and get some wild hog (first go of it), any suggestions on preparation/recipes you like?

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Friends of mine are also wanting to go wild hog hunting this fall. It'd be interesting to get people's take on pack/store/freeze/ship this from the mid-west back east :)


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I know one thing, BOAR, meat is only good fresh, very fresh, and even then you can taste boar. If you freeze it and get it out later the boar smell will make you sick. I know some people have it processed into sausage, which can be ok if mixed right with enough non boar fat etc. But generally the meat on a boar is a lost cause. Now sow meat is excellent and you can have pork chops just like any pig. If you want one to eat, shoot a nice big sow.

If you want one for your wall with big tusks then its sausage made by someone who knows what their doing, or forget it. My Husband tired to eat boar once, and it was not a good thing. We didn't take it anywhere to have sausage made cause we had already cut it up.

I have heard that soaking the meat in coca cola at about 45 degrees for about 24 hours can take some of the Boar wang out of it.. But I haven't tried that. I do know that does take a lot of the wild taste out of deer. But boar taste is way beyond Deer wild..
The wild boar taste is totally dependent on what the boar has been feeding on. They are scavengers, so will eat grubs, dead things, etc. However, that being said, if that boar has been feeding in a barley field or eating acorns the meat will be as white as domestic pig and won't be gamey. I find that stewing works well for the tougher cuts. Mexican seasonings or curry also help. Been cooking wild pig for about 40 years now and rarely have any that we won't eat. Just have to adjust your seasonings or cooking time.

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