Anyone heard/tried "Extreme Shock" Ammo?


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While surfing the web, I found this web page showing this ammo called "Extreme Shock." Have any of you out there tried this stuff? Just curious. The web page is: Shock Ammunition.htm

The air freedom rounds (the ones with the orange plastic tips) while advertised to appear like conventional hollow points, are actually more like Corbon Powrball ammo. However, because of the price per round, this is not the type of ammo I would be taking to the range. As for the fang face rounds, over penetration is something to take into consideration before using this ammo.


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I just read about this round in a magazine and thought it sounded like a great home defense round. It is, per the article, not supposed to go thru an airliner seat or fuselage. No having to worry about little Suzie next door when you catch Jo Jo Crackhead (Scott I love that name) in your house.

Quote from magazine:

"The AFR bullet creates the largest, most wicked wound cavity I have ever seen in any type of test medium from a handgun bullet. The wound is shallow but no other handgun bullet can compare to the sheer volume of tissue damage these bullets are capable of."


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A russian bear taken down with a single 9mm!?!?
Wow, I once put four 9mm FMJ's through a whitetail buck, and he ran away like nothing happened.
Those Extreme Shocks look brutal.


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Can anyone tell me what NyTrillium is? Am I understand, it just a fancy word for lead. I think Extreme Shock is just preying on those that are easily impressed by flashy pictures.

I personally would wait to hear some real world results not provided by Extreme Shock.


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It doesn't look significantly different from regular personal defense rounds, and I can't imagine that saw-toothed thing can be trusted to feed reliably. That looks like it would mostly appeal to people who like hocus-pocus crap. Maybe Benny Hinn would buy that ammo. Thanks anyway, but I'll stick to Glasers, Hydras, DPX, etc.


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Just an aside, but I remember reading some time ago that the type of ammo you use can actually be used against you if something ever got to a court situation. If I recall, there was some example of a prosecutor scoring a lot of points because the person used Hydro-Shock rounds. The recommendation in the article was that you should just use plain old jacketed ammo.

Does this still hold true you think?
Carry what the local law enforcement carry.It has gone through the mill allready.

Great advice. Find a load that at least one of the local LEO agencies carry and run with it. The local PD use 9mm rounds, so after a brief search, I found a LEO agency that uses .40 s&w 165 grain rounds. All of my magazines are loaded with the same ammo that the particular LEO agency uses.



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Carry what the local law enforcement carry.It has gone through the mill allready.

When I bought my 9mm Ranger +P I asked the guy is I could shoot them in my Glock 26. There were two Tampa Metro offices standing next to me and he verified that is what they used so I figured that was a good round to go with.


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The LEO here use Springfield 45 (will the two I talked with do) with Hydro Shock. They have to buy their own guns and ammo. So that is what I use in my Kimber.

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