Anyone with a SC class 3 license?


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I thought about obtaining one for a wile but I’d like to hear about the down side to a SC class 3 license.


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Class 3

I have looked over deadbang’s site a few times myself.

I have an uncle that is a collector and have thought about obtaining the class 3 license to collect old military firearms.

But I think there is a downside my Uncle has yet to tell me about like the ATF knocking on the front door at 3am for a weapons inspection?

Just wondering how many personal rights you loose with a class 3 license?

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I'd think it would be like a regular FFL. They can only come and check records during normal business hours unless they set up another time with you. Now if someone is doing something wrong they can get a warrant and come anytime they want.


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4th amendment and more?

As to surrendering your 4th amendment (search and seizure)
rights, this is definitely true when one gets a Federal Firearms
License. The law allows the ATF to inspect your records and
inventory once every 12 months without any cause, and at any
point during the course of a bona fide criminal investigation (18
USC sec. 923(g)). They may inspect without warning during
business hours. The only modification of the above pertains to
the C&R FFL (type 03) where ATF must schedule the inspection,
(C&R FFL holders do not have business hours) and they must have
the inspection at their office nearest the C&R FFL holders
premises, if the holder so requests. ATF may look around the
licensed premises for other weapons not on your records. This
means they take the position that if your licensed premises are
your home they may search it, as part of the annual compliance
inspection. The constitutionality of the warrantless
"administrative search" of licensees provided for in the Gun
Control Act has been upheld by the US Supreme Court, see U.S. v.
Biswell, 406 U.S. 311 (1972). Biswell was partially overturned
by Congress by 1986 changes to the requirements for a warrant
under the GCA, but the administrative search pro

7606. Entry of premises for examination of taxable
(a) Entry during day.
The Secretary may enter, in the daytime, any building
or place where any articles or objects subject to tax are
made, produced, or kept, so far as it may be necessary for
the purpose of examining said articles or objects.
(b) Entry at night.
When such premises are open at night, the Secretary may
enter them while so open, in the performance of his official
(c) Penalties
For penalty for refusal to permit entry or examination, see
section 7342.

I ask because the police around me are corrupt incompetent buffoons.


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I ask because the police around me are corrupt incompetent buffoons.
:( That's not happy! Mind if I inquire...generally...where in SC that might be? Mrs. Ektarr and I and our best Friends just bought property last year in Liberty (great name for a hometown!), outside of Greenville.


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Just go to the dog fights

You will meet my towns public representatives, county council folks, state legislators and some of three counties finest city, town police around.


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SC. Police

As the father of a SC Police officer, I find your comments about SC, Law Enforcement rude.. People on the wrong side of the Law tend to have an attitude against the Police ............ All I can say if you don't like SC, Police, There's lots of other states you can live in. I am proud of myself, I was nice.............


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My side of the fence

Pop, if you where on my side of the fence your son would probably work at the local Wally World. (nice version)

Knowing what is around you has nothing to do with the right or wrong side of the law?

Truth has a way of offending I guess that’s why so many ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Must be why I was branded a troll, I say it like it is without the candy coating.

A beggar is a beggar, a thief is a thief, a coward is a coward and a blind eye to the truth is just plain ignorance.

You must be,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,outside my fence?

Do you really want to come in or are you just going to judge from afar?


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I have had a C&R for about 2 years. I've never heard a peep out of big brother so far. And from all I can talk to about it, neither have they. So, do they have the right, yes. Are they gonna, probably not IMO. :cool:
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A Fence?

I call it like I see it too, everyone has the wright to think as they want, Even though it offends others, and the way they view things. Think I'll just stay on my side of the fence ty..................... The weather is nice on this side.


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Are you a collector

I have had a C&R for about 2 years. I've never heard a peep out of big brother so far. And from all I can talk to about it, neither have they. So, do they have the right, yes. Are they gonna, probably not IMO. :cool:

Do you collect firearms or was there another reason to obtain the license?

I may be in line to inherit antique automatics but if it is more trouble that its worth,,,,,,,,,,

The cloths line where I live is full of dirty laundry and everybody can see it from the road.

Small town and pretty much everybody knows there is a problem with the local “figures of authority”, been that way from day one.

Many of us have seen a change since the laws changed on chicken fighting making it a felony, when the dog fighting ring was busted it opened some eyes real wide ,,,,,,,,,,

My concern about the C&R FFL license is the search after an automatic weapon has been fired unlawfully (like in someone’s house) and they come to harass me just because they can, it happens (drug dealers) quite a bit around me.

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