Ballistic Fragment Tests


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That looks like those pics were taken from another sight, I could be mistaken. He does in his text misidentify #6 and #7 although in the pic they are correctly identified
Other sights with more extensive comparison testing can be found at the following webpages
ballistics testing - round 1 - varied 9mm JHP's
ballistics testing - round 2 - varied 9mm JHP's
ballistics testing - round 3 - varied 9mm JHP's - shooting through t-shirts
ballistics testing - round 5 - comparing 9mm JHP velocities
ballistics testing - round 6 - Federal HST 9mm vs 45 acp
ballistics testing - round 7 - shooting through denim - 9 mm, 45 acp, and 357 magnum

Terminal Ballistics .45 ACP
Terminal Ballistics 9mm

This set are tests done by LEO and are downloadable PDF files
Los Angeles County - California
Riverside - California
Santa Clara - California
Fresno County - California
Kern County - California
Sacramento County - California
San Angelo - Texas
Pierce County Workshop - Washington
San Diego County Workshop - California
Portland Police Bureau - Oregon

After reading those and any other tests you can find, you will discover that in every test Federal HST with it's consistent reliability accuracy and expansion no matter it was shot into or through out performed all other ammo it tested against.


Those are great posts too. I really appreciate these as well. Printed out most of it. Now you owe me a printer cartridge!...JK....Thanks again!


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You are welcome, hope they are as informative and useful to you as they have been for me. Of course once you get all the reading done. You will still want to test it to see for your self. Seeing the HST look like this

every time no matter what I shot it into or through closed the deal for me.

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