California Clears Microstamping


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A stunning (stunningly stupid) tragedy occurred in California as Governor Schwarzenegger signed the (at best) misguided Microstamping bill into law Saturday (13-Oct-07). In short, the bill requires all new semi-auto pistols sold in California starting in the year 2010 to be modified in order to 'stamp' a small serial number into the case of every cartridge fired; the idea being that the shell casings left behind at a crime scene can be matched up with the gun that fired them, thereby helping police solve crimes.

However, at the end of the day, the only thing it will really accomplish is to increase the cost of the modified pistols and perhaps make it cost-prohibitive to manufacture said guns for the state - what I feel is the real motivation behind it. The fact is that microstamping can be easily defeated; A few minutes with a Dremel and the microstamping is gone. Or, the thugs committing gun crimes just switch to revolvers which don't eject their shell casings thus leaving no evidence behind.

There is no empirical evidence that microstamping will help in any appreciable manner that justifies the cost of implementing it - but don't tell that to the Brady Campaign. They still believe that most criminals buy their guns from retail stores.

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And just think that Congress wanted to change the Constitution so Schwarzenegger could run for President! :grr:
Statistically, most crimes are committed with revolvers to begin with. It's only a matter of time before other gun manufactureres will follow the lead of Barrett and STI and give "Kommiefoniah" the finger.

It's ironic that their senseless laws end up shooting themselves in the foot. :icon_wink:


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I read an article about this in Shooting Times. I think...

A ammo manufacturor has decided to stop selling in CA due to the completely stupid laws they have.
I read an article about this in Shooting Times. I think...

A ammo manufacturor has decided to stop selling in CA due to the completely stupid laws they have.

Which ammo company is this? I'll be picking up a few boxes of their product in support of them stepping up to the plate and supporting our 2A rights!

I ordered my STI last week. Should be here by the end of next month. Apparently they have a huge backlog due to them being a small company. :03:



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yes and this will help solve all the crimes with gang members using AK-47's too.. give me a break. criminals may be idiots, but they can figure this one out.
Dear Governor Schwarzenegger:

I have a solution to your problem with criminals that use firearms to commit their crimes. First of all, you could issue a professional vocational license to the criminals. They will need to pay a fee for the initial license, get finger printed and registered and provide the appropriate contact information. If they want additional endorsements, you can charge a separate fee for each endorsement and add it to their initial license. License fees could be relative to the seriousness of the crime. For example, a license for a "professional auto thief" would be higher than a "professional pick pocket". At the time of registration, you could require the applicant to bring in any firearms they plan to use in commission of the crime. As part of the registration process, you could require the installation of a firing pin that micro stamps the cartridge casings.

This plan will cause a lot less public outrage and would be less of a burden due to the fact that there are much less criminals with firearms than there are legal law abiding citizens.

I hope you consider my recommendation. Saving money for the taxpayers of California should be a consideration in making a final decision.



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It's ironic that their senseless laws end up shooting themselves in the foot. :icon_wink:

But starting in 2010, they'll at least be able to solve the foot-shooting crime because they'll just match the serial number on the casings with the gun database. THINK, Glock Fan...


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Wait, wait 2019, California will have it all figured out. See, just attach GPS and a complicated remote locking mechanism to all newly registered guns. There will be no chance that criminals will take this equipment off their guns. Whenever there's a shooting, everyone in the immediate area of the unfolding attack will have their guns automatically shut off, which will protect everyone against flying bullets out of the shooter's gun.

Meanwhile, all ammunition will be subject to a steep "Violence Tax" based on the particular type of (mostly handgun) ammunition's ability to "tear through bulletproof police vests like a hot knife through butter" and other such fanciful notions. The tax will be used to administer the Violent Articles Distribution Control Program, which through the use of a magnetic card, will allow you to limit your purchase of "Violent Articles" to one (1) per month. You can get a box of ammo this month, and a knife next month, and a holster the month after that. Following the three-week phase-in period of the VADCP, purchases of "Violent Articles" will be limited to zero (0) per month. Following this, the Violent Articles Ownership Control Program will be phased-in.

Doesn't everyone feel safer now? :eek:

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