Camp Dutch Oven Cooking is Addictive!


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My wife drug me to a "Dutch Oven Cookout" in a local state park. I just had visions of a bunch of women standing around sharing recipes or something, but I didn't have other plans, so I went. There were men there! There were whole families there, cooking for anyone who wanted to attend. They used the old-fashioned camping Dutch Ovens, the cast-iron kind with 3 legs and a stand-up ring around the lid. You put charcoals under the pot and on the lid to cook. It makes a difference how many briquettes are under and how many on top, and you replace them from time to time. The food was like a blast from the past. I don't know why, but you just can't duplicate it on a modern range.

So I bought my own. I got a 12" Lodge Dutch Oven and tried it out with beans. I made a white-bean with ham soup and it was great! Beans are about the easiest thing to cook without disaster, so that's pretty much the starting point. If you haven't tried this pioneer cooking, you just have to! This winter I look forward to sitting in my backyard on the weekend cooking chili, beans, soup, even biscuits. Give it a try!


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I have enjoyed many a meal from a Dutch oven. When seasoned properly they make some of the best food going. It's been years since I've used one but your story brought back many good memories of good times camping. Thanks..

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I was told that 1 charcoal briquette is equal to 35 degrees. I don't know if this is true, but it sounds good to me. When I'm cooking in my Dutch oven, if I want to cook at 350* I put 5 on top & 5 under it and keep some extra charcoal burning to replace the ones that burned down. Great way of cooking


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In our neighborhood, we have a monthly rotating Dutch Oven party. Everyone brings at least one pot to the party with a very wide variety of dishes. We always try to eat at 6:30. So, if you have something that's gonna take two hours to cook, you show up early and get it started. It's considered "cheating" if you cook it at home and bring the finished dish to the party.

Everyone has an oil drip pan (Walmarts, $2.95) where we place the pots... stacking as needed. We usually have about ten pots cooking at the same time.

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Temperature of Dutch Oven using Standard Size Charcoal Briquetts:
For most foods 325 - 350 Deg will work fine. The Simple Formula is to double the pot size. (12" X 2 = 24) Now divide them in half and take 2 away from the bottom pile and add them to the lid pile. End result Bottom Charcoal 10, Top Charcoal 14 = 325 to 350 deg.
To raise the temperature another 25 degrees add one additional briquette Top & Bottom.
This works pretty well from 10 Inch UP.
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