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Hi, I've been able to learn a lot and find a carry solution for myself that I'm very happy with. Now my mother has decided to delve in and the main issue is that she has arthritis in her hands and wrist. At one time when she was flaring up she shot one round out of my 9mm and said yeah I can't do it. Other times it's not as bad. I'm not sure what the solution is here. .22 obviously would be good recoil wise but I'm just not sure I trust a .22 for obvious reasons and possible reliability issues. I carry the springfield xds 9mm and I would recommend it to any woman but if she had a flare up i would just worry about the recoil. Any ideas?


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Does your mom intend to get a gun suitable for carrying or for home defense or for both purposes? Can she load the gun herself? If it's a semi-auto handgun, can she rack it herself? Those are factors, too.

I agree with bofh about trying out various guns at the range.

I empathize with your mom. I don't have arthritis issues but I'm 65 years old with Parkinson's Disease, so I know what it's like to not have full strength for shooting.


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Normally I wouldn't recommend anything in the .22 range except to people in your mom's case. I'd recommend a .22 magnum revolver for her. Granted, it's not a major powerhouse by any means but it's certainly better than a gun she can't control for followup shots or is afraid of out of the gate. The ammo performance is better than a base .22. The recoil will be more manageable, the ammo cheaper, and the gun cost will be much lower. If you insist on the 9mm, and she's willing to try one again, let her try the Walther CCP. It's gas operated so less felt recoil and the slide is one of the easiest to manipulate for folks with limited hand strength.


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Go to a range that rents handguns and let her try various handguns out. Go with heavier handguns in calibers with less recoil, such as a .357 Magnum steel-frame revolver with .38 Special +P ammunition, or a steel-frame semi-auto in 9mm or .380 ACP. If nothing works, then a .22 Magnum revolver is still better than no firearm at all.
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Thanks for that's link :)


Have you considered a pepper spray gun?
If you are confident she could shoot a real one effectively enough to defend herself, a pepper spray gun may be just the right compromise for her.
Effective for short range like a gun, and actually maybe more effective against the ever-feared druggie who can't be stopped by 10 rounds of 9mm (if they can't see or breathe from the pepper spray, they become a lot easier to deal with or get away from).
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