CCW informaion public knowledge?


Doesn't like Kool-Aid
CCW information public knowledge?

My fav quote from this article is this:

“It is a bad idea to keep secret who has loaded guns in our communities, schools and public buildings,” Portland Democrat Ginny Burdick said.
It's a bad idea to keep that information from criminals yes, because then they aren't sure WHO to rob! :angry:

I always assumed Oregon was extremely gun friendly. When I took the CCW test all I needed was a letter from my supervisor stating I knew what I was doing with a handgun and he had confidence in me carrying a concealed handgun (I left my guncard at home in Alaska and was visiting Oregon) got my fingerprints taken along with a pic, CCW arrived in the mail 3 weeks later.

Then again I guess I grew up in the 'weird' part of the state (So. Or.) :to_pick_ones_nose:

URL to article is here: Concealed-carry bill shot down in Oregon Senate | Local News | | News for Portland Oregon and SW Washington

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