Changes to Basics of Pistol SHooting from NRA

Just got the email that the NRA is changing up their Basics of pistol shooting. From a quick view it looks like there will be two versions of this course, but ultimately the NRA will be issuing the certs instead of the instructors. Proof positive I may have been right all along, the NRA has been doing this to stop unscrupulous instructors from offering the NRA Basic Pistol and issuing photocopied NRA certs without any of the NRA training literature.

Instructors check your emails.


I'm a NRA Instructor, I think you are right. During the time of the Blinded course, I had no Pistol students. I needed students!

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I developed my own course, loosely based on NRA Basic Pistol, but slightly more geared towards defensive purposes.

I agree, it is about the money. Most of the instructors I've spoken with have told me the same - they had no students.

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