CNN on guns

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Thanks for posting! Not what I expected when I knew it was coming from CNN. Refreshing story. Love Glenn Beck :) Doubt they will be repeating this segment when they have time to fill though . . .


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Good,truthful reporting in the media.Wow.
Thanks for posting that.It is indeed refreshing to see some reporting that contains facts.


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Thanks for the post. Great reporting and coming from CNN, But like someone ele said I like Glenn Beck. and John stosel has had some positive editorials about the 2A.


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Holy Crap! Did I just witness the media tell the truth and DEFEND the 2A?

Bartender, three fingers please. :)


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John Adams is not here to keep them in line. So who do we turn to?

We need to rely on ourselves, namely in who we vote for, and stay on them like a bad rash to insure they vote in favor of our rights. Unfortunately, we, the vast majority of normal Americans have jobs and work 40+ hours a week so we can't do sit ins or chain ourselves to trees etc.. What we do need to do is write a letter and send it in the mail. Emails not so good as you can just delete them. Bags of letters on your desk isn't something you can really ignore.

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