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I am looking for a stylish concealed carry purse with a reasonable price that actually protects my firearm. I have yet to find one that is actually stylish and not either plain or gaudy. any suggestions?


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While I also recommend carrying on your person, for some, this may not always be possible. My wife has a purse from Gun Toten Mamas and it works great! Reinforced wiring adds that protection against cutting of the straps also.


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A purse is almost always the first thing a mugger goes for on the street. I think it's a awful idea to carry a gun that's not on your person.


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Hi! Check out Terrida Gun — Hand Bags! None of these bags are plain or gaudy and Terrida is leading in the italian fashion industry! Would love to offer you a 20% discount of any of our purses we have in stock. Same goes for any other members of USA Carry! I have the 240 handbag in whisky croc. This color goes with everything and the size is not too small or too big. Although I don't have gun yet (getting my first one in September along with my concealed weapons permit!) I cannot wait to carry it!View attachment 6882


New member does have a good selection, many are Gun Toten Mamas bags. I bought in blue the Ballistic Nylon Concealed Carry Shoulder Pouch for summer quick use. Cross body SLASH RESISTANT Shoulder Strap. Very casual, keeps my hands free, but not large enough for everyday carry. If you are really using a purse to carry it has to have a good area to get to your gun and NOT go through your purse digging for it. I'm looking for a classic black, several at gungear may work.

Some of the so called stylish purses (I like your term gaudy) don't offer slash resistant shoulder straps, that's the least I would get. I hate the cross body feel but I know it's one more step to securing my weapon. The totes are nice but can be so easily ripped out of your hands. Some totes have additional straps. Good luck and whatever you do practice with your weapon to learn how to retrieve it from it's compartment.

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Not to be a complete a$$ but I get such a kick out of these forums. People take the time to ask YOU to search the internet to answer THEIR questions. Don't these jokes know how to use Google? They come here and ask about purses so half of you people tell them "Don't carry cocealed in a purse". Is that what they were asking about? I don't think so! Honest-a-god!


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While there are pros and cons to carrying in a purse; yea, carrying a gun inside your purse comes with greater responsibility due to the theft factor. There really are some nice purses to carry with. Galco has a nice line of carry purses, I think they look stylish, yet are extremely usable if you need to fire. Priced a bit high, you run the risk of blowing them apart upon fire. Some places will replace your Galco purse at no cost if you ever fire through it, nice to know.


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Yes, Obwana1, I agree with you about the many purses now available for carrying concealed. I also agree that it has its risks and that carrying concealed on your body is the absolute best option.

That said, there are times when women need the option of carrying in a purse and the range of choice and style is quite impressive. One reason I have chosen to buy from the Gun Totin' Mamas line is that they have a lifetime replacement policy if you should ever fire through your purse or if there is ever a problem with the leather on the purse. Also, these purses have reinforced straps on almost all (or maybe all, not sure) of their Styles. While this is still no guarantee that a purse snatcher couldn't use tree trimmer shears or heavy duty scissors, it still offers another level of frustration for a would-be BG.

Happy carrying!


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I am looking for a stylish concealed carry purse with a reasonable price that actually protects my firearm. I have yet to find one that is actually stylish and not either plain or gaudy. any suggestions?
I recommend Concealed ......the purses are very stylish and very functional. I bought a red leather one and love how it looks. Gun securely held, and I am able to adjust angle. I use for back-up. Have you tried flash-bang bra holster? That is a better full time carry solution....and keeps you in guaranteed control of your gun at all times.


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I just find a small, quick access cross-body style I like, then put a holster in it with industrial Velcro. I agree with others that it's not the best option, but it is an option. Do try to go cross-body though, or it could be gone before you have time to react.
Although I don't advocate purse carry, there are times when you have no other choice. It's either go without or deal it. Here's the problem with CC'ing in a purse that most people don't think about. Often, if you can cram your firearm into the compartment opening, drawing it is nearly impossible. Ideally, you would be choosing a purse when you have YOUR gun with you (cleared, double checked for clear and cleared again) to try putting it inside and drawing. The firearm needs to fit in the holster (repositional is ideal). If you can't draw it without a lot of difficulty, you won't be drawing it effectively when you need it. Whatever you decide, PRACTICE drawing your firearm and getting on target.

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