Criminal Protection Zones (CPZ)

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I'm new to the board so I apologize if this should be posted elsewhere or is being addressed on another thread. I notice some places that GFZ's are mentioned, and I assume that means Gun Free Zones. I was on an Ohio Carry board, doing some research and noticed that they tend to refer to businesses that don't allow carry as CPZ's (criminal protection zones). I think that is really cool and I think I am going to tell businesses that dont allow carry around where I live that they will be flagged as a CPZ and explain to them why. I've had my CCDW permit for a few weeks and haven't came across any businesses in my area yet, except for one, Appalachian Wireless cellular stores. My apologies if this term is already in use here; I was just wondering what others thoughts were on this or maybe more appropriate terms and so forth. Thanks

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