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You know, the Ol'lady has been at her mothers taking care of her off and on for the last couple months and she hates when I am left alone to cook for myself. I always make a mess for her to deal with. I remembered when I was single in between wives that I had a crock pot. After searching around I found it and went online for a recipe. I am sure it will work even if you just slow simmer this for about 7-9hrs in a regular pot with a lid. I made it in the crock pot and it was fantastic and easy. Here it is;

1 4lb more or less cheapest cut of beef you can find. Chuck roast with some fat works great.
1 package dry ranch dressing
1 package dry italian dressing
1 package dry brown gravy mix.
2 quartered medium size onions
Some sliced up portabello mushrooms
Couple peeled and cut up carrots
What ever else suits you.

Mix dry mixes together. Rub all over meat. Dump rest in pot
Add 1 and a half cups water
Simmer away for 7-9 hrs. Do not cook on high heat. Simmer. Add make-up water if needed. Let simmer without cover last hour. Watch it closely then.

You can wait 3.5-4 hrs before you add veggies if you want .
If you are on a salt free diet you may want to check the salt contents of the mixes when you buy them. Some people cut down on the italian.

I tried this the other night and was very happy. I mashed up some fresh potatoes but you can throw them in the pot if you choose.
The gravy turns out fantastic.

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You have to smoke a ham first, then you save the bone with some meat on it for the next weekend.

1:ham bone
2:2 cans of chicken broth ( I use low sodium plenty of salt in the ham)
3: 2 bay leaves
4: tablespoon pepper
5: ½ tablespoon paprika
6: ½ tablespoon cumin
7: Small can hatch green chili ( If you can not get fresh)
8: 1 can each red beans, black beans, 2 cans pinto beans.
9: Bacon (you damn right) 10 pieces.
10: whole onion chopped
11:6 chopped clove garlic
12: dash dried oragano

Cook the bacon till almost done then break into pieces, combine all ingredients Except Beer (that is to drink) and cook till done I usually Run 4-5 hrs on high then finish 5 hrs or so on low. By now you should have consumed tons of beer but that is ok you have dinner just scoop it into a bowl , eat with crackers if your really drunk or cook some cornbread if you can manage to not burn yourself or others.

MORNING AFTER: get up ask why did I drink so much, Don’t worry you have quick breakfast fire up cast iron pan. Grab a beer its going to be about a 1-2 beer job. Cook 2 scrambled eggs and add a few (drained) scoops full of what you made last night to the pan. Once it is warm put it in a Mexican plate (aka tortilla) with some hot sauce and cheese and you are set.


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I tried smoking a Ham when I was in college....

I love crock pot stuff! Thank you for those recipes!My wife put a turkey breast, potatos and veggies in the crock pot last week. Set the temp on warm instead of low. I had to put it on high when I got home to cook the stuff. We had a laugh about it!

More recipes please?


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Crockpot cooking is my favorite when I have to cook. Second is Pressure Cooking. Distant third is microwave.

About a month ago, I downloaded a cookbook called Fix-It & Forget-It 50 soups using 5 items or less. The 5 items or less is for me as I am essentially lazy. If you would like to try it, go here:

Fix-It and Forget-It 5-Ingredient Soups » PDF Magazines - Download Free PDF Magazines for iPad, iPad3, Android Tablets and PC

There are other 5 items or less cookbooks out there for those interested.

(Chicken Taco soup is my favorite so far.) Here is the recipe:

Quick Taco Chicken Soup
Karen Waggoner Joplin, MO
Makes 4-6 servings Prep. Time: 5 minutes Cooking Time: 1 hour
Ideal slow cooker size: 4-qt.

12-oz. can cooked chicken, undrained
14-oz. can chicken broth
16-oz. jar mild thick-and-chunky salsa
15-oz. can ranch-style beans
15-oz. can whole-kernel corn

Mix all ingredients in slow cooker. Heat on high for one hour. Then place on warm until ready to serve.

Can't get any easier than that!!!!!!

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