DPS is out of license cards


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Albuquerque noobie here. My wife and I applied last week for our CCWs at the DPS building here in ABQ. The folks there told us they had a 300 application backlog because they are out of the CCW Permit Cards. They said it would take "about a week" to get more in. Good planning.

BTW, we took our CCW training with Dale Perkins. Great course and a very nice guy.


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abq87120 - Welcome. Love the "abq" part - how many can even spell Albuquerque correctly two out of three times? Anyway, thanks for going for your CCW. NM is pretty short on "carry folks" (at least legal ones), and we all need to band together against the legislature (in the legal sense), to correct the obvious oddball laws on the books. It will be a year from now, but be thinking of what you would like to see added or altered in 2009. We will need to be getting organized starting next month, March, so our representatives can get the necessary legal work started to produce a few bills that will have a chance of passage. :)

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