ed's red?


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has anyone here made and used a weapon cleaning/ lube formula known as ed's red? i have thought about trying it, but i do not have the weapons to spare if it goops up. any thoughts/experience?

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Not familiar with Ed's red but... if you want to try a really good lube/cleaner, I've been using Weapons Shield for a month now and this stuff is really good! :D

You can read about it here: http://www.weaponshield.com/
They'll even send you a free sample!


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thanks, sarge!! i will check it out. you see, this ed's red { google it and you will find how to make it} contains automatic transmission fluid, something called riscalone{sp?} oil and was reportedly formulated by a weapons specialist either at the frankfort or red river arsenals. you are supposed to be able to dip your weapon in this concotion and it cleans and lubes in one step. i am uncertain.

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Yeah... looked it up, interesting!

The thing I like about the Weapons Shield (beside the smell) is that it keeps the crud out of the metals pores so clean-up is amazingly easy!

The lubrication is as good or better than anything I've ever used. (Been shooting over 30 years)

I think once enough people get wind of this product it will become "THE" lube/cleaner of choice, I know it is for me! ;)


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i will take the voice of experience over that of a " specialist" any day of the week, brother.

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