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I have been looking for a new baby eagle for my wife for the past few months. she loves my .40 full size and wanted one for herself. I got my last one through a friend of mine who is an FFL dealer. so decided to use him again. a couple months ago all baby eagle pistols were taken off his site and no one knew why. all I could find were mags for it.

well a couple days ago I was searching again for any info on available baby eagles. I finally got my questions answered. the "baby eagle" from magnum research is no more! they are now back to the original importer KBI and called the "Jericho" once again. once I read this I did a search on my friend's site and sure enough a whole list of Jerichos came up. they are starting with a more basic line similar to what the baby eagles used to be. but there is a lot of talk about frame mounted safety and or decocker, some models with rails and some without, different finishes with better durability and something else HUGE in my opinion because I have been wanting one forever... they are offering a full size model in .45! more can be read with the link below. hope this helps anyone else who may have been looking for one as well.

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