G27 vs G36 vs XD Subcompact .40


I'm trying to decide on a new gun. I need to keep it below $600 if possible. I like .45 but really would like something (I think) a little smaller than the G36. I really liked the feel of the XD subcompact but haven't shot it. I have a G26 and would perfer something more powerful than the 9mm. The Crimson Trace laser I have for the G26 will fit a G27. I find the G26 a little wide (thick).

Anyone got any suggestions and rationalizations?

Don't get the Glock. You won't like it. I know because I like it, and it seems that you like everything I don't like, so get the XD because that's been sold as the direct competitor to Glock. :biggrin:



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I carry a glock 36 with night sights. It is a little thinner than my glock 23. I have no trouble concealing it with just a tee shirt. I carry it in a bianchi inside the pants holster and have no problem with it. What I can tell there is not much size difference between the 36 and the 26 or 27. I just like the way the glock feels and handles.


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Sounds like the G27 would be the best value for you. You already have the laser and it of course chambers the bigger heavier .40S&W round. It is easily concealed and I use the Galco "Stealth" ankle holster which is comfortable and hides well under slacks such as "dockers". When I wear jeans I usually wear hiking style boots so the ankle holster isn't my first choice. I go with the "belly band" which has a built in holster and a pouch for an extra mag.


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When the G36 first came out, I couldn't wait to get may hands on one. I have the G30 which I thought was too fat when I got it but got used to and love it now. Anyway when I handled to G36, it felt way too skinny (having gotten used to the G30) so I never bought one. Now I'm thinking about it again.

I think I'll try to find a place where I can shoot one which is going to be tough. The two ranges I used to use have both closed. It is Kalifornia, ya know!:hang3:

I'm still torn. I loved the way the XD subcompact felt and I have holsters and the Crimson Trace laser that would fit the G27. The problem with the .40 is I don't have any other guns that use it and I don't have any ammo for it. I've got 9mm, and .45 ACP and .45 Colt and .380 and .308 and .22 but not .40. Do I really want to get another size bullet to stock? Of course if things got bad, having another size that I could use would make it more likely that I could get some ammo that would fit something I have. Hmm! :neo:


Does it have to be a Glock or Springfield? I'm asking because the Taurus Millenium Pro 145 is a compact DA/SA with a 3.25 inch barrel that holds ten rounds in a single stack magazine, yet is small enough to fit in an ankle holster. Here it is:

Taurus International Manufacturing Inc
You would throw another choice in the mix!! :patsak:

I like the idea of 10 rounds. It seems to be between the G30 and the G36 in thickness. The price seems to be great. Now I'll have to see if I can find one somewhere to shoot.

Have you got the Taurus?


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+1 on Taurus

+1 on the Taurus PT145 Mil-Pro. I have one in stainless and it is great. Double strike capable. The single action pull is VERY light with super short trigger reset. I have had an accidental double shooting lefty. :eek: Lifetime warranty and you can't beat the price. Make sure to get the pro with the light rail as it is the 3rd gen with all the bugs worked out. Super accurate for a short barrel 45. Ditch the heine straight 8 sights and get some firesights or tritium.:biggrin:


Well, I made the plunge and got a Glock 27. The main factors were I had holsters and a laser (Crimson Trace) for my Glock 26 that will fit the 27 and the fact that I've been happy with my Glocks.

I now have a Glock 19, a Glock 26, the new Glock 27, and a Glock 30. One for each hand with a back up for each hand. Do you think I should shoot for 2 backup's for each hand?:triniti:

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