Girlfriend's first visit to local gun dealer


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Another first . . .

I went on vacation last month and took my handguns to do some shooting while I was visiting my family. While I was gone my girlfriend told me she was upset because she had become used to having those firearms in the house. She has never fired a weapon, but she thinks she could use one if she had to (I doubt it, but thumbs up for an open mind). So as not to waste the opportunity I took a quick mugshot of her and had her fill out a Firearm Owner Identification card application (welcome to Illinois!).

So . . . my girlfriend received her FOID card yesterday and I talked her into going to the local gun dealer. She was reluctant and as I was explaining some of the etiquette about handling weapons in the store she was telling me how much I suck the fun out of things (she's kinda sassy, but I love her). We got to the store and started looking at some of the weapons in the case. She was immediately drawn to the Kimber 1911 Ultra CDP II (this chick has excellent taste). I don't think a .45 ACP is a great choice for a first-time shooter (especially one as small as my girlfriend) so I steered her towards the 9mm polymer pistols. I asked to see the S&W M&P compact 9mm, we showed our FOID cards and the dealer put it on the counter. Once the dealer learned this new purchase was intended for my girlfriend it was if he was teaching his own daughter how to handle the weapon. He went through racking the slide, holding the weapon, aiming, trigger control, etc. He was really excited with the whole experience and I think my girlfriend loved it, too.

After handling multiple 9mm pistols, I think she settled on the Springfield XD 4" 9mm. We are now going to hit the range this weekend and see if she enjoys shooting. I am really excited. It would be so cool if she would start going to the range with me. No need to think of excuses anymore.


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My Gf had never fired a weapon before her experience with my 1911. She is a 1911 for life. Let her pick up the Kimber :)

In all seriousness:
Might be expensive, but she might save your life


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I will second the let her try a 1911. Do they allow you to rent guns up there? At least let her hold the Kimber. Maybe a local ownere will go to the range and let her fire theirs?
From her brief description, it sounds like the coolness factor might play a significant part of her enjoyment of shooting, and a 1911 is VERY cool :)

She may not be able to handle a .45, but she may suprise you. And it is better she makes the decision herself.
Your Girlfriend will like this youtube channel... down and you'll find videos from this gal who demonstrates different holsters, (from female perspective), how to field strip and re-assemble a 1911, etc. My wife loves it. Tell your GF welcome!

Yes Limalife is a great female on youtube who knows one hell of a lot about guns ans she even owns her own gun store/range. She just had a baby so she is not vary active on youtube right now.

YouTube - limalife's Channel
That link doesn't seem to work for me. Do you guys have a name so I search YouTube?

You can type in limalife that's her name on youtube. But the link i posted should work. It works for me. The one the other user posted does not work. But your best bet would be to type in "holster talk" and you will come up with her 4 part video on how to pick a holster.

YouTube - Bushmaster AR-15 M4 take down
YouTube - 1911 Part 3: Disassembly.. Sort Of
YouTube - 1911 Part 2: 1911 Sizes
YouTube - Choosing Your First Handgun: Part 1
YouTube - Choosing A Handgun: Part 2.. Calibers
YouTube - 1911 Part 1: How to recognize a 1911 handgun
YouTube - Holster Talk Part 1
YouTube - Holster Talk Part 2
YouTube - Holster Talk Part 3
YouTube - Holster Talk Part 4
YouTube - Choosing Your First Handgun (Revised)

That's most of her videos.


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Good for you! My son and I are still trying to get my wife to shoot. The first time I took her to the range, she almost wet herself from the noise.

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