Good News

Good News

Actually it’s good news when the Obama Administration can’t get anything done; we know what happens when they do.

Obamacare, The Middle East is on fire, Our Southern Border is being invaded, NSA spies on Americans and may have helped influenced both Justice Robert’s and General Petraeus decisions, the IRS helps sway elections by rewarding political friends and punishing their enemies, and all they have to do is claim the 5th.

Isn’t it amazing how all of Obama’s Foreign Intervention has boosted the Moslem Brotherhood, and now fighters of the Al Qaida inspired Islamic State of Iraq and Syria which were most likely supplied weapons by the Obama administration are undoing everything our Military died for in Iraq.
Not to mention the Obama EPA unconstitutional war on gas, oil, and coal that has sent energy prices sky rocketing out of control, have you checked your electric bill lately?

Obama’s so called Department of Justice is more concerned about covering up Fast and Furious, filing lawsuits against States for requiring voter ID and lawsuits against State Laws intended to combat illegal immigration something the Federal Government should be doing but isn’t.
The good news is Comprehensive immigration legislation is going nowhere this year, as we have said time and time again and has now proven true at the very mention of Illegal Immigration Amnesty we will be invaded by Illegals. A bill to increase the minimum wage stalled in the Democratic-controlled Senate, because everyone with common sense knows the minimum wage was never intended to be a living wage. It was a way for individuals with no experience and minimum training to be introduced into the work force. If that changes our youth will suffer and the minimum wage will become the new working wage for experienced workers only. There's barely even a mention of working on gun control, especially after the Fourth of July weekend when 82 people were shot in Chicago one of the strictest gun control cities in the Country and 12 died because “when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns”. People have realized Climate Change is inevitable, it has been changing long before coal fired power plants came into existence, so “Man Made Climate Change” legislation has come to a halt, but that isn’t going to stop Obama from promoting his Communist Agenda, and doing what he does best keep asking for more money to add to our current National Debt $17,594,619,310,828. The population of the United States that we know of is 318,597,860 so each of us currently owes $55,225. Every day since September 30th. 2013 the National Debt has increased by $2.35 Billion.

Chuck White

Be Concerned! Very Concerned!

The Truth is the Government is assisting in the Southern Border Invasion from Obama to Boehner it doesn’t matter if it is a D or an R we are doomed.

Remember the Dream Team, well now it’s a Nightmare they are trying to distance themselves from, Marco Rubio, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, etc. and a bunch of the R’s that should be D’s. If the Tea Party hadn’t spooked Boehner it would be a done deal, but that isn’t going to stop Obama.

As a result of the D’s and R’s action we are now being invaded and the 911 death toll will be a drop in the bucket.

Listen to the truth from a 26 year Border Patrol Veteran 26 Year Veteran Within Border Patrol Would Like To Set Record Straight?. | The Last Refuge

You think Obama isn’t behind this check out Obama’s Organizing For Action Meet the Dream Team for immigration reform what better way to get a another million undocumented voters that don’t need IDs.


Napoleon said "never interrupt your enemy when they're making a mistake."
I'm against impeachment. Let him continue to destroy his party. Everyone who endorsed or supported him is now a goat. 2014 mid-terms will pull Kahuna's teeth and those of his party. Let's not screw it up by starting impeachment because impeachment will occupy America for the next two years while no one focuses on the real issues. Impeachment will be about racism.

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