Gun Show - Charleston - May 30th/31st


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Went looking for a deal on a Para Slim Hawg and walked away with a kick arse deal on a used Kimber Ultra II :biggrin:


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A lightly used (finish was in great shape) Ultra II in the box and only missing 1 clip for $720. Kimber's site shows retail is $888 for the gun I have so it might not have been as good of a deal as I thought at the time, but I was happy with it and didn't have to wait for one. I hadn't seen the all black ultra II in a store in a while and the Ultra's I saw were dressed (laser grips, etc) for $1,300 + For my full time carry I wanted it as simple as possible.

I couldn't get close enough to the ammo table to even price match the .45 or 9mm so I didn't bother. We had a stock of 9mm already and the Kimber was my last stop on the way out the door. I wish I would have picked up some cheap .45 now though. There's another show in Columbia on the 13th though.


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No problem. But since I have no where else to post my excitement....wholey crap...I shot that baby tonight with some $1.5 bullets and its was AWESOME! All I had to shoot was the $30 a box of 20 Winchester Hollow Points. I hadn't found anybody yet that had target quality .45 and the range only had $38 box of 20. So I shot what I had in my clip just to make it work and it was freekin awesome. I don't think I shot too bad either for being a newb. Can't wait to buy some heavy range time and find some target ammo to get some good rounds through it.


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Good luck on finding .45 ammo. i sure wish the suppliers could keep up with the demand. Jealous of the kimber uc2. Nice buy.

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