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I was just reading American Riflemans April 09- page 16 that states that HR45 was started by Dem Bobby Rush- co founder of the Black Panthers who spent 6 months IN JAIL ON WEAPONS CHARGES back in the day. He says " guns don't belong in a civilized society"! My thread is two fold: How does ANYONE with a felony record get into the United States House of Representatives? How can a felon REPRESENT us? and how can a convicted criminal have the balls to state that guns should not be had by honest, law abiding, respectable GOD fearing AMERICANS?! IMHO if honest Americans are held unarmed, it seems to me that the BGs will ALWAYS have access to weapons, and will FREELY use them at will against an unarmed America! Seems like Armageddon would be right around the corner if that were to come to fruition. I firmly stand behind the addage that the guns are not bad- its bad people using them in a bad way! We are on a balancing scale: as the economy scale weighs down, the criminal scale will proportionally rise, and if convicted criminals are "in da house" lobbying for gun bans, it'll be free pickins on unarmed Americans. Criminals would have Nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain! JMHO. I just had to vent- reading that article just made my blood boil!! Peace Everyone!


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Wow! That was enlightening- and yet these people still get reappointed. I just got an email that probably doesnt belong on this thread, but it is interesting that Congress opted to bail out AIG because AIG guarantees the Congressional Pension Fund!:angry:


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These people do not represent us anymore. The government is not ours, it has run amuck.
We need to take our country back.


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There real question is how many in congress are not crooks. D.C. District of Criminals

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