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I have been thinking of getting a shotgun as one of my home defense options. We all know the +/- of its use. My question is which one? Pistol grip or full stock? Full tube or accept less rounds with the ability to reduce the barrel to minimum legal length?

Your opinions are appreciated.


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I like the shortest barrel I can get. That would be 18 in under todays laws. The pistol grip would make it eaiser to weild but a regular stock more accurate and more comfortable to shoot.


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Up until recently I have always used one of my hunting shotgun as a home defense gun, but always wanted something different, but when I put away enough money to ge one I would end up buying a 1911 style pistol after adding a little more money. But I finally bought one a Benalli Super nova with pistol grip, ghost ring sights and 18" barrel I added a tube extender it wiil chamber all the way to a 3 1/2" shell. I use 2 3/4" 00 buck shot, the shotgun shoots great holds a great pattern. I am super happy with it and under $400


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I picked up my Remington 870 Express 12 ga for $250 NIB. It is the home defense model with an 18" barrel and a 2 shot tube extension. I put a top folding stock on it to make it even shorter. I love this gun.

I also put a heat shield, and a shell holder on it. I originally had the pistol grip forend on it, but I didn't like it. I switched back to the original.
Rem 870 is the top selling shotgun in the world. This little baby is worthy of protecting my family and I, and all for around $325.
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I have the Mossberg 500. 18 1/2 " barrel and holds 7- 2 3/4" shells in the tube.
I have tried a couple pistol grips but I did not like them at all (ATI stuff).
I'm looking at getting one of the Knoxx pistol grips at some point but even with the stock stock--that thing sits next to my bed every night


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Dayum Canis !

If I wasn't already married, and well....if I wasn't man...:laugh:

Damn good post dude !!

So, yall are sayin that the 18" length is a Fed law ? I can't find ANYTHING for Kentucky, so I'm safe to cut down to 18 barrel length ?

Also, exactly where does that measurement start and stop on the barrel ?


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18" is the Fed law on the barrel, and I was tolld by an ATF agent, that the overall length of the gun had to be at least 29", am I right?


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I'm thinking about getting one of the Mossberg 590-A1 shotguns from Vang Comp Systems. I'd also like to add the Standoff Device. I think their modifications to the barrel are great.


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I have a Mossberg 500. Its an 18.5" 20gauge with a pistol grip. Its my wife's home defense weapon of choice. Not having a buttstock, it's extremely short and manuverable. I can pull the receiver right up against my shoulder, although I don't think I'd want to do that with a 12.


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I have a Mossberg 500. Its an 18.5" 20gauge with a pistol grip. Its my wife's home defense weapon of choice. Not having a buttstock, it's extremely short and maneuverable. I can pull the receiver right up against my shoulder, although I don't think I'd want to do that with a 12.

I gave my son a Mossberg 500 in 12 gage years ago when he was about 16 or 17. It had the Long barrel and the 18 inch one that you could change out. Regularly stock and a pistol grip. One day he was shooting it with the pistol grip on it and decided to try and hold it up to see if he could use the sites that way. He came close to messing up several hundred dollars worth of dental work.


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Believe it or not, I saw a 870 express for $209 at walmart? is this a good deal, or should I expect something wrong with it?


Doc, good deal.

I have a Benelli Super Nova with 20" barrel and the factory tactical stock.


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Did you get one?


Did you ever get a shotgun? If so what? I am a huge fan of tactical shotguns. I started out with a Rem 870 tactical (12G of course) with a Knoxx Spec Ops Stock. I've tweaked it some over the years and still love to shoot it. I have an autoloader for quail, but want a tactical autoloader for my next SG purchase. Still debating on which one though since there are so many good ones. I spent a good deal of the Shot Show in Orlando looking for that next HD SG.


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I have a Winchester 12ga Autoloader with a pistol stock and 18" barrel. The only issue is that is only holds 2 + 1 and it's not plugged. I'm thinking about building a rotary magazine for it. It would mean taking a grinder to the gun and I kind of like it, so I'm on the fence.


For those who question the use of "bird shot" in a home defense shotgun:


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Yes but there is more to the story

Damn! That's gotta hurt. If that was from a defensive situation, that guy must of Sh** his pants!

There are now 2 or more sides to the story. The plaintiff's, the defendant's, and the police report.

From the pattern I'd say that this knucklehead was about 15-20 yards from a cylinder bore bbl.

At less than 10 feet the same round would have been lethal.

I don't know who the shooter was , (depending on the state where this took place) but he is potentially in for one hell of a lawsuit even if he was right in the use of dedaly force.

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