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I've mulled this election over since it happened and read a lot of things on this and other boards about the post election activites of members. I've also read the complaining and whining of members on boards too.
While I agree the outcome was bad, I also feel NOW is the time to martial our effort to mount an offensive in defense of the 2nd Amendment. As the saying goes, the best defense is a good offense. To that end, I have compiled some interesting information on gun control from around the world, and its effects on violent crime. Please note, I said VIOLENT crime. Not just crimes with guns involved. This evidence can be used by us to prove the point that further limiting 2A rights will only serve to INCREASE violent crimes in the US. The more people who read this information, whether it be fellow 2A supporters, liberals, news media, or legislators, the more the TRUTH becomes knows. This is NOT a one time, or "to be used in case of emergency" type of thing to me. We NEED to start getting this information out NOW and to as many people as possible so that no new legislation gets written in the first place to limit 2A. The gun grabbing left is constantly on the vigil for a reason to write more laws and increase restrictions on our right to keep and bear arms. Isn't it our turn to do the same? Shouldn't WE be constantly mounting a PR campaign of our own? If we wait until the other side makes a move, then all we can do is mount a defensive. We thereby will LOSE ground and more of our rights.
PLEASE, I beg of the information I have and use it in our defense as on offense! I will be passing this information on to as many people and organizations as I can to do the same. This is a constant fight! One that will not go away for a long time. The more positive information we can put out about 2A, the more allies we will have when something negative comes up!

Here's what I have so far. Feel free to add to it if you find more, and please let me know also. I will, in the very near furute, be putting together a separate site as a repository for all of this information.

This report can be downloaded directly from the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy website:

The rest are on a site I own. Laws do Not Reduce Criminal Violence According to New Study.pdf Offences - England & Wales.pdf Robbery statistics.pdf Homicide statistics.pdf

I also would like to hear your thoughts on what else we can do to keep this positive offensive up and going. We need to keep this out in front of the mainstream to win this battle in the long term.

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right. now pay attention.....

007, we will be downloading the report and staying on the front line



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A little bit of not to distant history: Roe v. Wade. It has been agreed based on reports of that time that somewhere around 75%to 80% of Americans were totally against the passage of this bill and what has resulted; the killing of some 50,000,000 babies. Why then did it happen?
Well........those who were for it gathered, marched, got in the face of the media and in the faces of their politicians to the point that a huge majority of Americans were ignored and a heinous law was inacted.
Those against it said oh that can never happen in America, they will never be able to pass something like that; hence they did not mount a viable resistance, they did not get in the face of the media, they did not gather in mass to protest. Im not saying there were not those that spoke out against it, just not nearly to the degree (and obvious effect)that the other side did.
I see the same thing happening now in the current situation. This and other like minded sites are a good example. Evidently on another list the "million gun owner" got no legs and on here the same thing. It seems that as long as the immediate situation is comfortable, we are not willing to miss a day of work or put ourselves at any inconvience to actually "do" what we talk about. I'm not chastising, I'm just making an observation.
Before we find ourselves living with another heinous law, I think all of us need to take inventory of ourselves and figure out........what will it take to make us actually move on our talk, what will our limit be, how far will we go and what will it take to push us to that first step???
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I have the new site up and running! Take a look. If any of you have any info that could be added to the site, let me know and I'll get it uploaded to it. Here's the site:

In Defense of the Second Amendment

I like your site. Not cluttered and to the point. If I run across anything helpful I'll send it to you.

EDIT: Maybe you could reference the 2A petition on your site. The more that know about it the more will sign it.
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Great site, Magicman!!! Thank you. I think adding a link to the 2A Petition is a good idea.


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I like your site. Not cluttered and to the point. If I run across anything helpful I'll send it to you.

EDIT: Maybe you could reference the 2A petition on your site. The more that know about it the more will sign it.

Ditto. Let's just hope that sites like these don't become an endangered species over the next four years.

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