IWB & Appendix Holster Recommendation.


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Hi all, I am looking to add a CZ 75 PCR to my carry rotation. The number of options for holsters are just mindblowing, so I ask for your suggestions and experiences given the following formation (and before anyone asks, yes I've read through many suggestions threads here already):

Depending on clothing and anticipated work/activities, I carry AIWB at 12 with no cant, 1-2 with some cant, or 3-4 IWB on the hip with reverse cant. I'd like this holster to be adjustable for that reason. I do have to tuck now and again, but it's far from an everyday thing. I am looking for a holster that will be as comfortable as possible from the positions mentioned. Budget isn't a concern within reason, I've done the cheap holster thing and am luckily in the position not to have to anymore.

I've been looking at the Comp-Tac Ultra Max, Crossbreed Freedom, Foxx Little Foxx Hyrbrid, JM Custom IWB Universal and George (side note, if anyone can explain the extra tuck vs foam options that would be great), T.Rex Arms Sidecar and Raptor, Blade-Tech Nano, Edge Works XST RTI, Archangle Apendix, Stealth Gear Apendix, and a Cooks Holster AIWB. That is by no means an exhaustive list, and I am really open to anything, just a few I've seen mentioned in threads as being high quality and comfortable.

Thanks in advance for your help, suggestions, and experiences!


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I'm a huge Crossbreed fan but I've never used the Freedom. Mine are all Supertucks. I can definitely recommend the brand though.


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sooo many holsters out there to choose from all seem to have pros & cons , I am personally carrying a remora aiwb with a glock 26 works well for me & is very comfortable , my only concern in your case i would suggest you stay with one carry position & holster & practice , draw & re-holster
daily over & over to the point where its fluid for you , also I didn't mention but a good belt is a must,

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I've been carrying a G26 AIWB in a Comp-Tac neutral cant holster for many years. I find it very comfortable.


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I got my holster from On Your 6 Designs. Really nice kydex holster that are hand made by a group of really nice guys. They know their guns, their products and how to take care of you. I was lucky enough to get to stop by their shop and get to see them in action. Each holster they make is cut, shaped, drilled, and formed by hand. They take the extra time and attention to details to not only make a good looking product but also ensure a properly functioning one. They dial in and test the retention on each and every holster before it leaves the door. No mass production sloppy machine work here :) Just awesome handmade quality products from good honest hard working people. I highly recommend them if your in the market for a kydex holster. [emoji1303]



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I bought a Pro-Carry IWB from theholsterstore.com and have been using it for EDC for almost 5 years now. It's comfortable, wears well, and I would buy from them again.


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I've never carried appendix but I have both of the other Stealthgear holsters and they have easily become my favorites.
I'm very impressed with their stuff.


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For awib I have a gcode incog, it's a great holster but it's very hard to manipulate to get you belt unbuckled because of the 2 clip system. You almost have to deholster everytime. But the other side of that is the holster is rock solid no movement at all.

I also have a Trex raptor which I also really like. It conceals better than the gcode but is a little less comfortable. It is also a very secure but is a lot more maneuverable.

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IWB & Appendix Holster Recommendation.

I carry a Stealthgear Onyx and it is my favorite holster that I've ever worn.


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I know these is a older thread but I just received my Garrett Holster. It's a IWB, Kydex/Leather Silent Thunder made for my J Frame revolver. It is fantastic. Adjustable J hook and tuckable. I can't say enough about the company. They are great to do business with. 5 star rating.


Check out the Vedder light tuck. It's kydex, plus and minus 30 degree cant, and ride height adjustable.

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