My baby is back.....


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I just got a call from my gunsmith and my Savage just arrived. So I'll be taking a quick break in a few mins to go pick it up. I REAALLY hope they got everything fixed. Looks like tomorrows going to be a range day! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:


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I hope it is fixed for you too. Have fun with it. I got some ammo for you. Let me know how it works.


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Just got back from picking her up. They didn't have anything with the rifle saying what they replaced but my Smith said they replace some parts and readjusted the head space. I'm think I'll take a quick trip to the range tomorrow and try her out.

Now the bad part........

I can't ever seem to leave a gun shop without buying something. I had been using a set of standard two piece Leopold mounts (which I had to mount backwards to clear the bolt) and high rings but really wanted a nice one piece 20 MOA base and set of rings. Well, they had some so I bought a Ken Farrell 1 piece 20 MOA base and set of 1.185" high TPS 1" rings.

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