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I have a NY license to carry that is restricted to target and hunting

can i still get a NH full carry?


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First of all, welcome to USA Carry, RRFD.

I believe that in order to get a permit from New Hampshire, you have to have a carry permit; a permit that is restricted to target shooting does not allow you to carry, so I believe that it would not count.


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Thanks to a change in their legislation a few years ago, the carry license you use to apply for a NH non-resident concealed license does not have to be issued by your state of residence. You may use a Florida carry license to apply for the NH non-resident license, even though you're not a resident of FL. You may apply for a FL license through the mail.


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I would give the NH Licensing agency a call. The NY license is to carry, even if it is restricted to carrying only during hunting and target. You may also want to explore getting your restrictions removed.

You will be asked to leave a message with your name and number by their answering service, but they will call back. The number is in another thread within the NH board.



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You can get a non-resident NH license for $20. You have to get a letter from you local police chief stating that there are no legal issues preventing you from obtaining a permit, send in the Non-Resident Application, and pay the fee. In about 10 days you will get an nice hard card in the mail. I know this because I had one until I became a NH resident.

After I became a resident of NH I had to get the Resident Permit for $10. Only the Resident Permit has reciprocity with other states. The Non-Resident Permit cannot be used for reciprocity purposes.

Check out for more reciprocity issues.


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The Non-Resident Permit cannot be used for reciprocity purposes.
Who told you that? The recognizing or reciprocating State decides if residency applies. The only States that require residency are CO, FL, MI, NH and SC. If you're referring to the NH SP page, it is in error. They can only guarantee that they apply within the State of NH. It's their way of keeping themselves out of civil court so they don't have to keep track of the labyrinth of state laws.

The PA AG has stated on their reciprocity page that residency does not apply. AZ (for non residents of AZ), ID, IN (for non-residents of IN), KY, MO, and UT are we honor all States.

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A NY Permit restricted to target shooting is considered a carry permit as it allows you to carry to and from the's just not full carry. That said, I used my Florida CWP to get my New Hampshire.


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Can Anyone tell me the total cost of getting my, New Hampshire Non-Resident Pistol Permit? I've seen different fees on this Forum. Thank You Also, What is the wait time for Non-Resident Pistol Permits?

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