Non-traditional Thanksgiving

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I finally pieced togeather all my stuff to fry my first turkey this year. satuday is the big day.


Got Beretta's?
The other day, while watching the show about moon shiners I had a memory jolt when they brought up Apple Pie Moonshine. It has been years since I have had it.
I looked over at my bar and eyed the bottle of Ever Clear I had on display and my mind went to work.
Well the wife had to work today and I just finished cleaning up and there is no evidence that I just made a gallon of it.
Man is it good.
Looks like a new tradition may be in the offing.


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I used to smoke a turkey every year. Since no one ate it but me....and I really do not like turkey...I stopped.

Was in the store yesterday, a lady told me that her husband uses the "cajun injector" when he smokes a turkey. Something that I may try, but not for this Thanksgiving. I will be frying three turkeys tomorrow morning. I normally inject it with Tony Cachere's Cajun Butter, but am trying "Cajun Injected" brand this time. I have been frying them for at least six years. I usually have to get up at midnight to cook them before work, but now I work weekends.

I have never had a dry fried turkey. If you go roughly by the directions you should have no problem.

no sheep

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Turkey came out A+ , brined it the night before in chicken stalk, water, salt, pepper, 3 bay leaves, oregano , cayenne pepper.

Fried it In canola oil (no luck on peanut) for 35 mins took it out and put the glaze on (chopped walnuts, whiskey, maple syrup and fancy mustard).

I have been missing out.


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i've deep fried them and it's ok and much quicker.........but i like the traditional stuffed way the best still ......i like the stuffing the gravy from the drippings and the smell of it cooking long and slow


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BCI: Not a Scotch drinker myself. Prefer Makers Mark bourbon. But whatever sooths your pallate -- enjoy it :)

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