Northern Nevada CCW Training.

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For those of you looking for CCW training or advanced firearms training in the Reno Nevada area I'd like to recommend you check out Sierra Firearms Academy!

I have NO affiliation with them and get no kickbacks or discounts but I did get outstanding training from them. I think they're the best! :D

I also took my CCW class with Sierra Firearms Academy (in 1998) and HIGHLY recommend them.

Since then, our club (about one hour east of Reno) has become quite active and offers the CCW class in accordance with NRS chapter 202. Our instructor is also our local district attorney - we are blessed to have him! So, obviously, I also recommend our class!


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My wife and I took our class with Stillwater firearms. Absolutly excellent instructor. Well worth the drive from Reno. I recomend it highly. We are thinking about joining the club. Great bunch of people.

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