Obama campaign freezes out Florida TV station


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It has been obvious to all that the main stream liberal news media is for Obama and he has gotten a pass on everything. Finally when a reporter asks some real questions they take their toys and go home like the spoiled rotten child they really are.

YOU DECIDE: Biden Interviewer Fair or Over the Line? FOX Forum FOXNews.com

YOU DECIDE: Biden Interviewer Fair or Over the Line?
Joe Biden fielded some pointed questions recently in a five-minute satellite interview with Barbara West of WFTV, a Florida TV station.

West asked whether Barack Obama’s connection to ACORN was a concern, whether his “spread the wealth” quote was Marxist and whether Biden’s comments about a “generated crisis” suggested America had lost its standing in the world.

The Obama-Biden campaign later told the station it was cutting off access because of the questioning. Did the campaign overreact? Were the interviewer’s questions fair?


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Obama campaign

IMHO, if someone is running for public office, they need to be transparent. If they don't wish to answer pointed questions, then get the heck out of the race. TO shut any channel of public information out of the picture because you don't like the question s they ask is just wrong. As the media people are so fond of saying, the people have a right to know. If Obama and Biden intend to be the high muckty-mucks in the US, then they need to answer any and all questions BEFORE the election. I do not consider Obama to be the antichrist, but I would prefer that the president running my country have more than 6 months experience in government. These people keep charging that Pailn lacks the experience to be VP, but she has oodles of more experience than the wannabe BHO.
Every question asked had been in news reports for several days. Now a member of the Obama/ Biden team were asked for explanations and they shut the station off from the campaign. I guess as long as the press is on their side all is well, let a reporter ask tough questions and they've crossed the line. Isn't this what true reporters are supposed to do, weed out the facts and report the truth?


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Crooks and scum bags will do anything to get in.nobama is the worst thug we have seen in awhile and he is being put in office by the efforts of the middle east money.:help:
Yep sure is, can't trust those left leaning liberal media types. Need to rely on solid red state media like Sara Palins home state of Alaska here is what the leading newspaper in that state has to say about the candidates.

Obama for president: Opinion | adn.com

You're right, not bad for a paper owned by the The McClatchy Company. Here's a brief history of the company:

The McClatchy Company NYSE: MNI is an American publishing company based in Sacramento, California, that operates a number of newspapers and websites. The company originated in The Sacramento Bee, which was first published on February 3, 1857, after the California Gold Rush. James McClatchy took over as editor of the Bee within a week. Having purchased Knight Ridder, the United States' second-largest newspaper company (see below) (Gannett Company is the largest), McClatchy operates 32 daily newspapers in 29 markets, with a total circulation of 3.3 million. [1] In addition, McClatchy operates a number of community papers that are printed with less frequency. The Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune, acquired in 1998 and sold again in 2007 to private-equity firm Avista Capital Partners for $530 million, had the highest circulation of all McClatchy newspapers.

Most of the company's history has been in newspapers of the Golden State's Sacramento Valley and San Joaquin Valley. It acquired its first out-of-state newspapers in 1979 and through acquisitions has grown into a nationwide company. In its first moves outside its home state, McClatchy bought the Anchorage Daily News in Anchorage, Alaska, and the Tri-City Herald in Kennewick, Washington.
It just hit me, during the answer about redistribution of wealth, Biden said it was to give money back to the middle class that had been taken by Bush's tax program. I posted this once before but here it is again:

The Tax Foundation - U.S. Federal Individual Income Tax Rates History, 1913-2008

Taxes under CLINTON-1999 Taxes under BUSH-2008

Single earning: Single earning:

30K - taxed- $ 8,400 30K - taxed $4,500

50K - taxed $ 14,000 50K - taxed $12,500

75K - taxed $ 23,250 75K - taxed $18,750

Married earning: Married earning:

60K - taxed $ 16,800 60K - taxed $9,000

75K - taxed $ 21,000 75K - taxed $18,750

125K - taxed $ 38,750 125K- taxed $31,250

So how exactly were we taxed higher?


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Agreed. I didn't realize there were so many unintelligent people with apparent memory loss in our country!!

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