Obama family in the White House wouldn't make it less white


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The following article was in our local newspaper today. I am posting it because it brings up a interesting point. A lot of people I think try to make a case that if you are white and against Obama it is because he is black. With some people I am sure that is true but as far as I am concerned an I think for the vast majority of the posters on this site it is not true. I can say frankly there are a number of of blacks that come to my mind, as I have said before, that I would vote for if they ran. I would most likely vote for Ken Hamblin aka the "Black Avenger". I would vote for Alan Keys. as a matter of fact I would vote for either of them over both both McCane or Osama. I vote for what a person believes and what he stands for, period. Any way your thoughts on the following article please.

Bob Ray Sanders | News from Fort Worth, Dallas, Arlington, Northeast Tarrant County | Star-Telegram.com

Sanders: Obama family in the White House wouldn't make it less white
With the help of a 1972 movie that most people have never seen, I want to say something about Barack Obama’s candidacy that many people (especially white people)are thinking, but wouldn’t say aloud except to their closest friends.

First, let me tell you about the film — I’ve been trying to get a copy for weeks, having searched everywhere I could think of.

About three weeks ago, in desperation, I went to our downtown public library, which has an extensive collection of older films but did not have a videotape or DVD of what I wanted.

However, two very patient and helpful librarians went to work on their computers, telling me that if it were at any library in the country they would retrieve it for me.

In only a few minutes, they told me the motion picture had not been released on video.

The film, The Man, starring James Earl Jones, is about the first black U.S. president, and it is a movie all Americans (especially Obama) should see.

In recent years we’ve seen a few fictional U.S. presidents portrayed by black people in films and television shows. We’ve even had two prime-time TV series that introduced a female and a Hispanic character as president.

But except for the Broadway musical Hair, in which a black woman played Abraham Lincoln, The Man was the first time I’d ever seen a movie that even remotely suggested a scenario in which an African-American would become the chief occupant of the White House.

And it is the "White House" image that brings me to the point of this column.

As I proceed, I’d like you constitutional scholars and American history experts to answer this one-question quiz: Which officeholder is third in succession to the presidency?

You see, that’s the premise of the film.

In Rod Serling’s screenplay, based on Irving Wallace’s novel, the president and Speaker of the House are in Germany attending a summit in an ancient palace. Both are killed when the ceiling collapses and falls on them.

The vice president, an aging man who has had a stroke, cannot assume the duties of commander in chief, leaving Cabinet members and congressional leaders wondering, "Who’s next in line?"

Do you know?

Well, it’s the president pro tempore of the Senate who, in this case, is ex-college professor Douglass Dilman — note the spelling of the first name (as in Frederick) — and you can guess that he is an African-American, played in the film by Jones.

There is a stunned look on the faces of the white statesmen as they realize their, and the nation’s, dilemma. A black man is about to become president.

As I recall, it is the Burgess Meredith character, Sen. Watson from the South, who speaks the line that resonates with me to this day, and articulates the thought in the mind of far too many people this election season.

Watson dejectedly says something to this effect: "Well, the White House isn’t looking white enough tonight."

Let’s just put it out there, folks.

There are people who simply can’t picture a black man and woman in the White House unless, of course, they are cooking, cleaning or opening doors for others.

How many? Depending on which survey or group of analysts you believe, it’s perhaps 10 percent to 15 percent. Many wouldn’t vote for a Democrat regardless of color, but there is a percentage that can’t bring themselves to cast a ballot for a person who is black.

Will it be a large enough number to make a difference in the election?

I don’t believe so, but you can bet there are those who are hoping that there are enough Sen. Watsons out there who could cost Obama the election.

Before you accuse me of calling all white people racists, I’m only talking about the ones who really are — who say so themselves, having admitted it to pollsters, even, and I’m assuming that’s fewer than the number who would admit it to family and friends.

Those people who won’t vote for Obama because he’s a Democrat or because of his stands on issues, fine. No problem with that.

But for those worried that the White House somehow would be tarnished by the presence of a black family living there, you ought to be ashamed.

Regardless, you should start trying to get used to the idea, because it is very likely that The Man will be moving in come January.

Bob Ray Sanders’ column appears Sundays and Wednesdays. 817-390-7775


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How about all the people voting for him because he is black. I would vote for Connie Rice.


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Colin Powell had it, but.....

After GW-1 Colin Powell had a lot of Americans rooting for him to succeed GHB. With a start as a decorated Ranger tabbed Vietnam Vet ground pounder with 2-tours in country (1962-63, 1968-69) earning him a Purple Heart, then climbed through the ranks of white only seats of military power against some 'stars & bars' senior officer stinking-thinking by his smarts and achievements not by his connections or family wealth or the Arab Oil money contributions others in much higher seats than he ever achieved embraced on their campaign fund drives. He was this nation's 1st 4-star African American General officer. He helped plan the 1989 invasion of Panama and the downfall of Noriega in 1990. CiC U.S. Army V Corps in Europe which in essence made him the CiC of NATO with America as NATO's largest contributing member in troops, equipment and money. He was the national security adviser to President Ronald Reagan who rose to become Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and a world-wide respected statesman. Appointed as our Secretary of State in 2001 who did not like the crap that came out of the G. W. Bush foreign policy Iraq invasion, leading to November 2004, Powell resigned after President Bush won reelection. 1 year into a war based on gross public/media manipulation about Iraq's intent to use WMD's against the U.S., nonexistent [at that time] links with bin-Laden & 9/11, and the cardinal deal most thinking Americans could see; a burning desire to impress his father with unfinished business the son wanted to wrap-up. He was not in favor of even starting up that mess again. He had watched Carter cut our military in 1/2 over his tenure so he broke ranks retiring into the (safer) private life of speeches and think-tanks. Powell retired from the military in 1993 after 31 years of service to this nation in uniform. The word we got at the bottom of that chain (way above my enlisted level) in other words every O6/Full-Bird Colonel and above had heard and believed it, was that certain ultra white power elements that still exist to this day had sent one all too clear message thru associates of this national hero, a simple prediction/warning, a powerless threat or a genuine intent to follow thru if Powell had run & won: 'Remember JFK!' Fearing for the safety of a family he loved, disgusted with the back-stabbing DC tango, he did not run for the presidency which he may just have won. Ready to bring him down legally were a document he signed as a young Major following the investigation into the Mi Lai massacre and later alleged involvement with the Iran Contra SNAFU would have tarnished his chances more than his ethnicity, true! But the very real threat lay with the term I often heard my senior officers babbling after a few too many brews at the O-Club: 'It'll be a cold day in hell when I see a nigger running this nation.' and these were my senior Brigade Commanders and even once an assistant division commander (a 1-star general) who I will not name in an an open forum. At age 71 now with his 'glory days' ancient history to many on the hill, I think Powell is too old too celebrate his 75th birthday still fighting to keep America alive, free and powerful. I can certainly say that had he ran against GHB with GW-1 still fresh in SO many minds as our final vindication of the shame Vietnam brought down upon it's returning Vets and the corrupt/inept reasons started by Eisenhower 1959 U.S. Advisors to the ARVN's, through JFK, bringing both Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard M. Nixon down, making it our longest war ever that sent millions of American troops over there to fight a war that is questionable in it's intent and confused in it's objective even to this day, at the cost of 58,202 dead U.S. troops, 10 times that many still injured or sick from AO and barely alive as Vets from it. On the other side a U.N. estimate of over 1 million North Vietnamese regular military, insurgents (V.C.) and civilians killed. Colin Powell may have become one of our greatest presidents, albeit though he may have not survived his first term alive. I was proud to have served under such a patriot who had come from the Bronx in life, not some rich hereditary hierarchy of biologically related presidents. This leader of men had only one simple color: O.D. green, but his driving force and passion was and still is red/white & blue.

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Yes and I would have voted for him also. Not because he was black but seemed to be of high moral standards.If Obum us gets in riffer will be the hedge plants at the white house.
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Thank God I'm alive!
The media has embraced Obama not because of his race, but because he is the most liberal candidate in the race. If he were equally liberal and white, that would not matter to the mainstream media. Sure, it matters to a small percentage of individuals, but overall, Obama supporters don't care nearly as much about his race as they do about his politics.


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The media has embraced Obama because in my opinion they want him to win. I do to but that is beside the point. He has run a historic race and has given black people hope and showed them that they are equal. I think it is great. I wish Martin Luther King Jr. was still here to see this.


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have you not heard of Alan Keyes? he would be a great president, if he ever learns how to campaign. what has Obama ever done? community service organizer? what is that? a liberal Illinois Congressman who has voted against The Second Amendment at every opportunity? You are a young man obviously led more by your emotons ratherthan Logic. I also think you are a troll here.


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Love you to boris. I am not going to stoop low and call names back but it's cool. Obama has done alot obviously just to make it this far. Obama will not take our guns away either. Same ol BS i heard back in 2000 about gore. So you are saying Martin Luther wouldn't be glad to see Obama become the first black president of the United States. Who cares if he's a republican or not.


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Love you to boris. I am not going to stoop low and call names back but it's cool. Obama has done alot obviously just to make it this far. Obama will not take our guns away either. Same ol BS i heard back in 2000 about gore. So you are saying Martin Luther wouldn't be glad to see Obama become the first black president of the United States. Who cares if he's a republican or not.
Know why Al the tree huger Gore did not take our guns away. Because the idiot lost. He was is and always will be a loser just like Osama. Any party that keeps sending Ted the drowner Kennedy and other left of Red China buracrats back in office is a party of and for losers.


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... So you are saying Martin Luther wouldn't be glad to see Obama become the first black president of the United States. Who cares if he's a republican or not.
All I'm saying is that the world is not as simple as you appear to need. Unlike ...others... I'll not put words in the mouths of dead people. What political position MLK jr. would take today would be hard to discern based upon the failed policies of both parties over the past (insert time frame of your choice). I do believe that MLK spoke for himself about this subject:

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."
You decide for yourself where your opinions fit given that context.

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