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Lets beat a dead horse about online payments. I stopped using an online gateway/merchant account when I closed my ecommerce store. however I still accept PayPal for my firearm training students.

In the past week PayPal has given errors to 3 different students saying unable to make payment, please verify funds blah blah blah. Each students has verified funds and funds were allegedly available. After a very very frustrating 20 minutes on hold, PayPal insists my students must have a problem with their funding. After explaining it is unlikely that 3 times in one week this would occur, I gave up. Forget them.

So now I am on the hunt for alternatives to PayPal. I signed up with chase quick pay so one student could pay. No funds huh paypal?! But this only works with other people who have chase to my knowledge.

I also signed up with Google wallet but not sure this is going to be right for me either.

All I am looking for is no monthly fees and the ability to put some customized buttons or payment form on my website. Any suggestions? There are so many out there I figured I would ask for a personal recommendation first.

Square is anti-gun.

From their prohibited list:
Sales of (i) firearms, firearm parts or hardware, and ammunition; or (ii) weapons and other devices designed to cause physical injury
Physical injury, bath tubs/showers, stairs, side walks, curbs, cars, motorcycles, the list goes on.
Dropped pay pal 10 years ago too, they just plain suck.
I bought something one time and it was with pay pal and I used my Visa card. Never got the product, called Visa and they went after pay pal. Got my money back from Visa, never did anymore business with pay pal. Done.
Paypal has never asked me for my bank password and yes square is anti gun.

There have been a couple of merchant services providers claiming to be like pay pal (only pay per transaction, no monthly fees) but until I re-incorporate the business I'm not signing up. When I rebranded in 2015, I closed the corporation and currently operate as a sole proprietor. Hopefully in 2017 I'll reincorporate, I have big plans for 2017 including dedicated class room space and no more renting hotel meeting rooms, getting another merchant account provider is one of those plans.

I fixed the paypal problem I mentioned above, by integrating a shopping card into my website. I was sending out my payment page and that's what was giving students the errors. Even though paypal is anti gun, I have no choice but to keep using them until I setup a merchant account again.
I use Intuit GoPayment for in person transactions and Stripe for online transactions. I've never had a problem with either and Stripe is easy to incorporate into an e-commerce site.



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I've used for handling cards directly. They have an annual fee, transaction fees are comparable or better than some others. There are transaction and monthly limits, these can be raised as you gain history with the firm.


Solid lead, thanks... anyone been working with any crypto currencies ?
Hello, as it so happens, I am the current Chair of the Education Committee of the Bitcoin Foundation.

Here are my recommendations for cryptocurrency (or cryptocurrency-related) solutions.

If you are running a Wordpress site and do business through your Wordpress site: You may want to try the Bitcoin Payments for WooCommerce (a plugin). This also requires that you use the WooCommerce plugin, which itself is very handy for accepting payments in forms other than bitcoin, such as regular old U.S. dollars. The Bitcoin Payments for WooCommerce plugin is designed to send funds you receive straight to your bitcoin wallet, nobody else controls or touches them; so for that you'll need to download and install an Electrum wallet (Linux, Windows, OSX, or Android).

PayPal recently changed its terms of service and as a result, has been able to block things more at its discretion, particularly for cases involving donations (although I believe PayPal is starting to block more firearms-related transactions regardless of whether or not they are donations to a pro-firearms organization). That is why not so very long ago I recommended to FPC (Firearms Policy Coalition) that they stop using PayPal and in fact they did, they switched over to a new system not relying on PayPal.

If you are looking to set up a payment processor system to accept cryptocurrency (bitcoin) payments, I strongly recommend Mycelium Gear. You can run it as a hosted service (easiest) or alternatively if you or people you know are competent, you can install it and roll your own (instructions here). Gear will NEVER hold your money, it is simply a system of getting the cryptocurrency being sent to you being routed directly to YOUR WALLET, so there is nobody like PayPal to hold onto or freeze your funds!

This means you also have to set up your own wallet. To set up your own wallet, I recommend either downloading Mycelium (for Android or iPhone), or Electrum (Linux, Windows, OSX, or Android). You periodically update the wallets every once in a while, but they are easy to use.

These wallets do require you to download wallet software, which you can safeguard by encrypting the wallet with your own password on your own device. They are designed so that you never have to interact with or share your information with any company, government, or intermediary in order to complete a transaction.

DO NOT USE WEB WALLETS! Coinbase has actively censored gun owners for some time (it also reports all your transactions to banks and the government - including to the IRS, even though there is no need for any service provider to report on their own users). So don't use them! In like manner DO NOT use BitPay, BitReserve, Bitstamp,, Coinsetter, DATA, Delta, Epiphyte, Erik Voorhees, Hub Culture Group/Ven Currency, LaunchKey, Personal, Personal Black Box, Ripple Labs, SnapSwap, Swarm, Trefoil Labs, Vaurum, Xapo, ZipZap or ANY bitcoin service which would require you to "sign up" with a username and password. In general, those services which have your information are often required to give it to the government at some point - but beyond that, they also are holding your digital keys and could freeze your funds at any time. Thus, don't use them!

Stay away from web wallets and any bitcoin services which would ask you to "sign up." The only exception I can think of is Mycelium Gear, because Mycelium literally is expressly designed NOT to hold any of your funds, ever.


Ah, one other note:

For those of you who use Stripe (I don't, but I haven't heard anything bad yet from those who do use it) -- Stripe users in the United States can accept Bitcoin for USD payments using either Checkout or Stripe.js. Many users can even start accepting Bitcoin payments without needing to make changes to their server-side integration—Stripe’s API supports Bitcoin payments in the same way as credit card payments. Here's Stripe's page on how it's done. I don't know if the Stripe user panel for those who are using Stripe allows you to withdraw in bitcoin, or just withdraw in dollars, if you are using Stripe as a vendor / businessperson, and have been able to withdraw bitcoin from your Stripe, let me know.

Note however that Stripe is "not yours" (e.g. any digital tokens / access to funds are controlled by Stripe, not by you), so IMHO you'd be better off with a system (such as Mycelium Gear in tandem with an Electrum wallet) that gives you full control over your funds.


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Facebook Messenger. Pretty simple to use and is credited directly from their card to yours and they can send it anytime. And as far as I know it's 100 percent free.

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Too bad I am not still a dealer, I'd love to get in on this suit.

However at the same time, I do believe the business should be allowed to set their policies - but that's just my 2 cents. I'd hate to have the government tell me how to run my businesses.

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