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I will never understand how anyone thinks defunding police is a good thing, and especially when mass destruction is going on.

It’s simple. Democrats are lying. They know this will hurt people, especially those living in poorer neighborhoods. These often have larger populations of minorities. This will cause more unrest and is fundamental to the concept of divide and conquer. Then they can acquire even more power.

A democrat politician’s motives are NEVER what they claim.


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It's easy to understand when you know how insane these people really are! These are the ravings of deranged, sick, perverted minds that have been indoctrinated into the pure EVIL of socialism, Communism and Marxism!



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And you were never any good at it then nor now.
Biden has been in government for years and has done nothing, except enriching himself & family at our expense.



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For years, our Republic has been under assault at the ballot box and millions have been losing faith in the integrity of our electoral system. One reason is that POS democrats in leadership positions, like the Senate Majority Leader Schumer, constantly try to make the case that Voter ID Laws are examples of voter suppression. Nonsense. Every voter, no matter what race, gender, or ethnicity, must be required to present ID with a photo to ensure he is who he says he is. Period.


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The biggest reason for the 2A is a hedge against our so called "leaders".
It's getting to be time to use that hedge.
So of course they want to take it away.
There is NO legitimate reason or argument for us to even bend on our RIGHT to be armed at least as well as THEM!!!!



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This guy is a disgrace to the military, along with Austin, they will destroy the best military in the world.
What a traitor to our excellent men and women serving in the military. It must be very morale-busting to have such stupid leaders.


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What happens with any infrastructure money is well known.
It's used by politicians to pay off their campaign debts, and planting big signs around the major cities of all the coming soon work, that will never happen.
Between the unions, the pork and other things, nothing left for roads etc.


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Ironic, VP Harris went to the border where Trump's wall had stopped the hoards of invading aliens, illegally crossing the border, to address the non-existing crisis of Biden's open border invading aliens.
The wall that the Biden / Harris duo stopped building because it was a Trump idea that worked too well.

Layout the welcome mat, deny the problem, deflect the issue. Democrat politicians doing what they do best. The invasive species known as illegal aliens are the number one problem in this country, and the Biden/Harris/Obama regime ignores it because they are helping it happen as a way to increase the Democrat vote.


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