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I live with a friend and her family. We have our separate bedrooms. I am licensed to carry, she is not. She and everyone in her family, except one who is under age, would pass all the requirements to carry, but they aren't interested. Is it legal to store a firearm in her bedroom also? She's fine with it. Could she get into trouble even though she isn't using it?

Two questions for you.

Will the gun/ammunition be stored in her room such that she has no access to it. (No key, doesn't have the combination to the lock. Cannot, in any way, get into the storage conainer,)
Does she have a FOID card? I am assuming that you have a FOID card.

If she doesn't have a FOID card she should get one and she will be OK with access to the gun/ammo. IF she doesn't have a FOID and, for whatever reason, the police show up and find the firearm/ammo and you are not home she may be going to get a free ride to the police station if the gun/ammo is in her room and she has access. That would end up being sorted out in court.

If she has a FOID card she can have access to any legal firearm and ammunition, otherwise, keep it in your room locked up, with you having the only key/combination. I recommend that she gets the FOID. That way you can also take her to the range and legally teach her to shoot.


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She can shoot at a range without having an FOID, but that is up to the range. I know of a few ranges here in Northern Illinois that don't require you to produce an FOID to shoot and others that require it. I have an FOID and most ranges allow me to bring someone in (also an IL resident) that doesn't have an FOID and they can shoot my guns and ammo. They are not allowed to rent a gun or buy ammo, even to shoot at the range.

FOID is Firearms Owner Identification Document
The Firearms Owner ID (FOID) card is required in Illinois to purchase or possess firearms or ammunition. If you are caught with a single bullet and don't have a FOID you could go to jail. (Very unlikely to happen in Chicago which has an unwritten "Catch and Release" program for career criminals.)

The Illinois State Police take the database of FOID holders and do a background check on them every day of the year, except for 4 or 5 holidays. If a disqualifying conviction or order of protection comes up, the local police are notified and may come to pick up your FOID and guns & ammo. (They are supposed to anyway, and once again it doesn't happen often in Chicago with catch and release.)

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