Ruger 22/45


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Just bought a ruger 22/45. shot about 150 rounds thru it. now it won't extract a round from the chamber when trying to clear the weapon. The gun operates fine when firing. I suspect the slot that allows the extractor to move beyond the breach is not cut close enough to the chamber opening. Anyone have any ideas? Any ideas on how to remove the barrel? I think that if the slot were machined a very slight amount the extractor could then find its way behing the casing. Ruger wants the gun returned to them for repair but turn around is 8-10 weeks (they tell me) once they recieve the gun. 10 weeks to fix it plus two weeks for Fed Ex. I didn't buy this gun so Ruger could have it. I ain't too happy about this. PO'd in New Orleans


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I'd have a gunsmith check it out. It's probably a simple fix and gunsmiths are usually reasonably priced.

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