Seattle Mayor Violating Washington Law


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Washington has a law that reserves any laws regulating guns to the state. In other words, if a city or county decides to put in a gun control ordinance, it is illegal under state law. However, this is not deterring the Mayor of Seattle, who is going ahead with a plan to forbid weapons in city parks, at sporting events and street fairs. We all know that the criminals will scrupulously obey this ban, and if it is passed, only the law-abiding, licensed gun carrying citizen will be affected. The city of Seatlle may as well put up signs letting the criminals know that they don't have to worry, all the citizens have been disarmed and are free for the pickin's. Mayor Greg Nickles intends to have a hearing in December to discuss this matter. Washington has over 239,000 people who have Concealed Pistol Licenses. That seems like a pretty large group of voters for a politician to upset. I pray that many of us Google the address or email address of the Mayor of Seattle and write to him, asking that your communication be entered in the December meetings' minutes as being opposed to this violation of the Second Amendment rights of 239,000 law-abiding citizens who will have their ability to defend themselves and others if this ban goes into effect. If the ban goes into effect, I pray at the next election, Nickles is tossed out on his ear.


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Are there stickers available that say, "Helpless, Disarmed People Zone"? It would be great to put those on GFZ signs.


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Seattle mayor

Canis, I totally agree with your view of the mayor of Seattle and his campaign to enact an illegal gun ban. I did say in my letter to the editor of the Olympian newspaper that the sity of Seattle might as well put up signs advising criminals that the citizens in these areas had been disarmed and that it was now a target-rich environment. Of course, we all know that the criminals will obey the ban to the letter and not carry weapons into these home-grown gun-free zones. The mayor will see the folly of his waays when the reports of assaults, muggings, rapes and murders in city parks and at street fairs jumps exponentially.


Please do not take this as a flame, I find your post:
"Helpless, Disarmed People Zone" a very glib blow off of a serious problem.
I think you need to keep a sense of humor. It is a serious problem. I believe one of the better ways to attack stupidity is by making fun of it. The anti gun position is truly stupidity and the people with that position really don't like their stupidity pointed out and the position laughed at. And it beats the heck out of crying about it.


With utmost respect for your non-WA State opinion about my sense of humor, living in anti-2nd Santa Rosa, CA for 4 years (97-01

I have to assume you are referring to me. I live in Kalifornia 90% of the time and am in Idaho only when I can get away. However, we are going to get nowhere by arguing over the method someone else uses to try to bring attention to the ignorance and often stupidity of the anti-gun movement.

had me wetting my pants in hysterical disbelief at how much it changed to look like TJ

I suspect it was nothing compared to much of L.A. today. There are parts of downtown L.A. where there is less English spoken than there is in TJ.

I have been to Idaho to train your NG more than a few times, Coeur 'd Alene is a very nice town and even gives me reciprocity for my CCW permit, nice folks if you ain't a Negro or a Jew when the neo-Nazis march around up there.

I think you have been taken in by a false stereotype. I've not been there but if you recall, they drove out the neo-Nazis who had established a compound there.

No one was laughing because the anti's were making a run but rather pointing out the stupidity of the move with a joke about the anti's position.


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So what else is new? Another liberal big city mayor acting unilaterally under the guise of "safety." They all need to be stopped.


I spent a Summer in Riverside B 4 my Army dayz began, and I thought I was in Mexico, I'm sure it has become a very colorful place now.

That's funny. I lived in Glen Avon outside of Riverside for 11 years some 30 years ago and was unaware of any major influx of Mexicans. I've since been back to parts of Riverside and like so many places in Kalifornia, it is being taken over by Mexicans (and I do mean Mexicans not Mexican Americans).

The biggest looming disaster for this country is being run over by illegals. They vote and many came here for what they can get and the more someone promises to give them the more they support them.

what if Mayoral stupidity succeeds in Seattle, gets hung up in endless court battles under an Obama presidency and B 4 U know it those anti-gun laws become the norm for any town or city with a mayor who thinks taking legal guns out of the equation will solve gun crime.

There is a state law as I understand it that says state law preempts the cities. The NRA and others have successfully sued multiple cities in Kalifornia in similar cases. After a couple of successful suits, just the threat usually keeps the cities from acting.

But what it comes down to is the voters and their failure to recognize how they vote away their rights and their freedom electing these morons.

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. Benjamin Franklin.


Titles are un-American.
Hello toreskha,
Please do not take this as a flame, I find your post:
"Helpless, Disarmed People Zone" a very glib blow off of a serious problem.
DUDE!!!! Obama ain't even sworn in yet, roger?
This PRICK is like a spreading typhoid infection for the 2nd Amendment.
Seattle goes gun-free, some jack-off Mayor in another city or 20 pulls it and B 4 U know it, Obama walks up the stairs to take an oath with (what?) 75% of his job already done for him by these pricks. Please get real stop posting gags into a deadly serious thread. 'K?

Why do you think I wasn't serious?

I've said this before and IMO it would be a good (if slightly annoying) idea. I'd like to get printed stickers that say something like "Helpless Victim Zone" or "Unarmed Victim Zone" or whatever and put them on GFZ zone signs, to highlight the fact of what these areas really are.


If there were signs to this affect put up on banks and schools and churches and casinos and public offices or restrooms or grocery stores or convenience stores then J. Ordinary Citizen wouldn't frequent any of them. The only patrons would be the BGs and they can then shoot each other until the last one is standing and who then turns out the lights and falls to the ground.
I know, I know, in my dreams...:lazy2::sarcastic::lol::haha:


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You mean a sign like this one?



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