store clerk with ccw+1 would be BG+0


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Looks staged to me. I cannot imagine why the clerk would move the bad guy, he was in the store.

Piece Corps

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Awfully suspicious to me, too. No telling if the BG still had a gun in his hand when the clerk walked around the clothes rack and fired the coup de gras, but the next thing on MY mind would have been to get on the phone, not to drag the perp over to the cash register. I would say this film will get the clerk in a whole lot of trouble, if it's real.

Red Hat

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I'd say it's a fake video. Most security cameras are not a continuous feed. They snap frames so they are usually not that smooth. The flashes are photoshopped. It looks like a Youtube production...


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Agree. The flash looks fake, and there was a lack of flash on the one shot that apparently hit the robber. Also, why wouldn't you shoot through the clothes if that's what the robber is taking shelter behind?


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It was staged. There's a video somewhere of the pre- and post-production. Also, muzzle-flashes don't register in that manner on a single-CCD video camera.


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Been drifting around the internet since 2005. As noted there are other videos of the making of the video including the BG getting up and walking out.

Excellent training video for store clerks desiring to use "gangsta" style weapons handling for their self defense needs though.

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