This is what life is all about!


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Well just got back from Fl. and I had a great time. All of my kids were there and we had a blast. Well as always we just had to get in some range time. This time I got to go with both my sons. Man I live for times like this. I do not know how much we put down range but I know the Jeep was a lot lighter on the way home. Just good times. Here are some pictures of the time we had.



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KimberRB. your exactly right that is what life is about. Glad you and your family had a Great time. nice pics. and the weather had to be a bonus also. at least compared to Michigan. another great post.



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It is a S.S. Ruger Mark III .22cal with a holographic site. Thanks I like it too and is a very nice shooter.


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Glad you were able to be with you kids and burn some ammo. I know you all had a great time.


Thank God I'm alive!
Go ahead, throw your gun porn in our faces, why don't you? :wink:

Seriously, though, I'm glad you had such a great time. We should all be so lucky.


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I do not know how much we put down range but I know the Jeep was a lot lighter on the way home.
It was A LOT! I think I burned out my tumbler with that 3 day reloading binge. I know I loaded up 500 rounds of .223, 400 rounds of .45ACP, and 300 rounds of 9mm. On top of that I think you burned through 150+ rounds of 7.62x39 and we all shot a lot of .22 lr and a few rounds through the Mossberg.

We shot for a good 3 hours and it was a blast. Our Christmas time Hernando range trips are always a great time. Look forward to them all year.

I'll post some of my pics when I get some free time.


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Ok Here are a few more good ones I had.

Full recoil and brass in the air. Love this pic.

Me with my suppressed Walther P22

Bro shooting a 22 lr MP5

Me and my baby!

Me and my other baby.... Oh wait wrong order! The AR is the "other baby".

Dad and Bro sighting in the AK. Me in the background.

KimberRB and bro being goof balls

And the three of us!

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