Topic on taxes/slavery


Does the speaking style negate the validity or seriousness of the points?

Yup, I'll grant you that he has good points, but I don't like the embellishment he does. I'm not an A. Couler nor a Rush Limbaugh nor a Shock Jock any one type of fan. I turn them all off if they exaggerate to go to extremes just to get a point across. If you cannot present your facts or opinions in a logical, unbiased, unemotional manner, I'm outta there! You can see the dust! :lol: I don't ignore them completely, but that's why I don't watch too much TV networks' news or read too many newspapers. I listen to and read many other things and make up my own mind, which is what we all like to try to do, imho.

On that note, anyone who doesn't think that there is on-going slavery around the world has not researched legal and illegal prostitution. It's rampant and everywhere.

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