Transporting weapons through SC


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Hey guys, I'm new here. Anyway in two days i'll be moving from Florida to New Jersey. I was wondering if South Carolina had any laws about non residents transporting firearms through the state. I have just one pistol that will be locked in a case in my trunk, seperate from the ammo. I'm planning on calling the state police to check anyway but I wanted to know if any of you knew. Thanks!


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I hate to sound like a pinko...but once you get past VA.

that's when you need to unload it and pack it away in the trunk... and still pray real hard.

as I understand it... cased in Florida... open or consol/box in GA.... consol/box in S.C. , open in N.C. and I believe either in VA (don't hold me to that) Once you get to MD you are own your own....

My simpathies for your move.


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In FL you dont need to have it cased. it can be loaded in a glove box or center console. I was told by a LEO to follow the 3 step rule to be safe. Also, yea im moving to NJ which has some of the worst gun laws of any state. No more concealed carry for me :(

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