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Hello All! My name is Brian Dupont and I’m the Owner of Descend Online. I am also a Veteran of the Air Force having served as an F-16 Crew Chief after 9/11.

Descend is a new startup company specializing in clothing and accessories geared towards our U.S. Armed Forces, Veterans, Conservatives, Pro 2nd, Libertarians,
Republicans, and the “Right” in general. We are planning a launch in Late November early December, and we are halfway through the Concept Phase.

We have come up with 35 T-Shirt Ideas and thought it would be great to include you guys in the decision making process. I have developed a quick survey listing
our 35 concepts, all you have to do is select your top ten...btw, you will not be required to give any info if you’d like to remain anonymous. However, If you decide
to provide us with your info we will enter your name into our first “Monthly T-Shirt Giveaway!” The top ten concepts will then be put into the Design Phase, and
then Production.

I’m ready to pick my top ten -

Follow along on our journey / IG @descendonline.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or to discuss the concepts -


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