VP Debate Online? Help.

mom of 3 angels

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Does anyone know any place planning to run live streaming video of the debate online tonight? I'd prefer a place that won't be yapping a bunch of liberal nonsense whenever the candidates pause to take a breath, just plain ol' coverage of the debate would be best, but I guess I'll take what I can get. Thanks for any help . . . our TV is intentionally broken . . .


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I googled vp debates on line and a number of different ones came up. Have not yet checked to see how liberal they were. One was NPR. I am sure that will be left of Red China.

mom of 3 angels

New member
Thanks guys for the help. I'm only moderately computer impaired--for some reason my searching was bringing up lots of sites that were almost relevant but not quite what I wanted . . . oh well, thanks again--should be interesting to watch!

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