We will be at Big Als Gun Show(In Poughkeepsie) stop in if you are in the area!

If anyone from NY (or surrounding areas) are planning on wandering around Poughkeepsie, we will have our set up at the "Big Als gun show" at the civic center in downtown poughkeepsie (used to be the grand hotel).

We were at the Danbury, CT and met some terrifics folks and it was good turnout. We did really well there!

If you in the area, stop in and say Hi, we will of course being doing "gun show pricing" on our merchandise!

If you like something on our site, I will put it aside for you and you can pick it up at the show.

Just email info@licensed2carry.com and let me know what you like!

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We are doing another middletown show this weekend...

If you are going to be in the area again, the weather is suppose to be great! We will be at the middletown show again, showing off some of our spring items, as well as having a great blowout on the winter items.

If you need the info for the show..here it is!

Northeast Gun Shows, Middletown, NY

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