Why I am always armed


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Its a crazy world we live in today, you have to be prepared for anything, at any time. Thats why I carry every day, even though I am at homke 95% of the time you never know when a situtation where you have to defend yourself or family, or frienda, and neighbbors.. Alway be prepared............... Be Safe!


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I carry all the time except in situations I were am not allowed, and I always carry at home and have a bed side gun. when I am not at home my firearms are all in safe locked in a storage room. I try and stay prepared and in involved in nieghorhood crime watch program and have good relationhips with nieghbors and local police.
situational awareness and being prepared goes a long way but getting the neighborhood involved goes even farther.


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Not that this would ever be expected," he said, "but there wasn't a history there I had experienced that indicated this kind of activity or crazy things going on."

Always hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

I LIVE in Memphis, and when I took my carry class, the instructor asked us "Why are you here?" Most of the answers were for reasons just like this. The Binghampton neighborhood is only about 5 minutes from my house, actually.


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Im not carrying yet,but I decided to get my CCW Permit because crimes are starting to hit closer to home. So when I finally get it in a few weeks im gonna make it a habbit to carry my gun every time I leave the house,like my cell phone.


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I used to work down in that area about 30 years ago. Guess you can't go back. Sigh.


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Why I am always armed and then yesterday....

Yesterday I had the ugre to hit a local supermarket to stock-up on rations for the next week, best deli for miles and 1st sunny day in a week! I looked in my fridge and there was enough fresh stuff for one more meal, so I stayed home. Ate and booted my computer up, found out an armed robber has just jacked the bank-ette inside the supermarket where I was going to go, but changed my mind. Had I gone I would have packed unknown to anyone but me, and had I run into the perp I would have engaged him. But he escaped with the $'s, caused much grief and panic and maybe that is why those with CC permits should carry whenever/wherever it's legal. Would there have been a shoot-out? I guess, (maybe just 1-shot dropping him, mine) assuming I would have won (my training/his surprise, other factors in my favor) that one with one yell to 'Halt' with a bead on the perp, and dropped him as he turned to fire on me, or would his shot(s) have killed an innocent bystander, or worse, mine? Can't carry and think 'what if's' or just don't go there man, and leave the damn gun at home. Almost walked right into a very real situation where I would have used my legal right to stop "by whatever force required" an armed fleeing felon. I guess that's why I should carry.
Not feeling very f-ing 'heroic' today, just thought I'd share that w/U. :n:

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I carry anywhere I can legally. I do have one bad habit though, I tend to forget about my BUG. I guess I need a check list!:icon_wink:


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A sad sad world we now live in.

There have been an increase in home robberies in my area, Dallas, were the perp knocked on the door. The home owner opened the door and was instantly shot in the face. Makes me want to become an officer of the law.
So now I carry on body till I turn off the lights and then Its in arms reach with my surefire. A sad reality that you can't even open your door without a sidearm. :sad2:


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Yes, I agree with TexasGun......Living in the DFW area a CHL is a must, the home invasions are gettiing out of hand, as well as car jackings or road rage. I carry everywhere, for the stores that do not allow legal carry, I shop somewhere else...


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The difference between a liberal and a conservative is ONE MUGGING!

I think in those terms this could be a positive thing. Keep it up dirtbags we will have a little surprise waiting for you.

I have made it a priority to get my permit when I get back from Iraq. I am also getting another handgun. I love my full size 1911 .45 but it might not be appropriate in all senarios. Getting an airweight S&W or Taurus with CT laser grips, it will be a good BUG.

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