Wicked fast .45 ACP's


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Found this on a different forum, so who says a .45ACP cannot go fast....
45 ACP 90 gr. TFSP 2036 fps / 828 flbs
45 ACP 115 gr. TFSP 1650 fps / 700 flbs
45 ACP TPD 80 gr. TPD 2375 fps / 1002 flbs

From RBCD Performance Plus I would love to see this round tested by the boys at the "Box O Truth"

I found out I had a local dealer N gave him a call, at about $45.00 for a box of 20 not a cheap round. The dealer described it as a fragmentable SD round that would not penetrate drywall, but on say human tissue was twice as effective as a hydra shock... I may stop by for a look....

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I generally leave the 45 ACP alone. I believe that a cartidge and pistol combination that has worked for this long (almost 100 years) must be doing something right. Years ago when RBCD rounds came out, they had some problems like MagSafe rounds. Yeah they can work, but then they start having problems like shooting a guy with a leather jacket on and it starts to fragment in the jacket and penetrates 2 inches. Yes, pretty big hole, but flesh will stretch. The average yuppie guy on the street would probably fall down, screaming for momma, but some street hoodlum, jacked up on meth or roid rage, might not even flinch. You have to reach the vital organs for blood loss and organ shut down.
Over the years, the 230 grainers and 200 grain JHP's have perfomed the best on the street. Is it a "Death Ray"? NO!!! No handgun round is. But when we start putting low penetration rounds into a gun that normally does not overpenetrate anyway, we tend to lose something. I'm not saying that some specialty rounds won't work. But it just seems that we're stepping outside the bounds of what is really neccessary for a pistol cartridge. Light and fast isn't always better. Big and slow isn't always better. Penetration always matters. But find what works, and go with that.

I understand the Jello and box shooters and what they are doing for testing and performance standards. I don't try to dispute what they do. I highly question a guy that shoots a water jug and makes a big splash and chooses his round on the "big splash". If I ever get attacked by a jug of water, I'll take that into consideration. But 4 men in my Family, my Dad, My Uncle, My Grandfather and a cousin all had to shoot men in the line of duty or in self defense during a robbery. ALL of them were shooting 230 grain FMJ. 3 were shot with 1911's (one was a Colt Commander), the fourth was a S & W 4506. 2 were on the street law enforcement, one was a robbery of a business, the fourth was an armed robbery by an individual in a bank parking lot. All four of the bad guys when hit, collapsed immediately and never moved again. All 4 were center chest hits. It's hard to argue with that. Use something that's proven, hit'em where it counts, and carry a reliable gun. Hard to argue with that!


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Totally agree with the jello and big splash comments. if Ii ever get attacked by a jug of jello I will try to use the correct round. I have known people that have been killed ny one shot from a .22 I saw a fellow get hit in the mouth by a .32, spit the bullet out and chase after the fellow that shot him. There are any number of stories that can be told about any round you want to bring up but the main thing is to have some round on you when you need it. Don't think that because it doesn't make a big splash with a jug of jello and penetrate 16 inches it isn't dangerous. I had a friend that lost an eye to a BB gun and one that spent a week in the hospital from a pellet in his thigh.

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Yeah FN1910, you're right. Back in my Paramedic and Cop days, I saw alot of shootings. Enough to write a book. I've seen guys that were big as trucks get quickly dropped with one 25 ACP or a 22 LR round to the chest. We pulled up to a shooting one night at a bar. As we pulled into the parking lot, the conflict was still going on. I saw a guy get shot with 2 rounds of 12 ga buckshot to the gut from a double barrel at a distance of about 10 feet. In the movies, the guy would have flown backwards about 10 feet. This guy fell foward on his hands and knees, he got up running and made it about 30-40 feet and collapsed. By the time we got to him he wasn't breathing and had no pulse. It darn near cut him in half, but I guess the adrenaline and brain response told him to run. In shootings, nothing is sure, nothing is foolproof, and just when you think you've seen it all, something happens to surprize the heck out of you.


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wasn't that a fox special or something? when water attacks? what will you do when H2O comes for you?

seriously though. I agree there is no magic bullet that will work in all situations. what if some one breaks in your house and is firing at you through a wall? then those rounds would be useless to fire back with if they won't even penetrate drywall. not saying they are bad rounds, just would not want them in my gun in a situation like that.


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Years ago when RBCD rounds came out, they had some problems like MagSafe rounds. Yeah they can work, but then they start having problems like shooting a guy with a leather jacket on and it starts to fragment in the jacket and penetrates 2 inches.

Speaking of fast rounds, has anyone had a chance to use Magsafe ammo? They too produce wicked fast ammo. Mag Safe Ammo - Pre-Fragmented Saftey Ammunition Handcrafted In The USA

Uhhh...read that upper part again, willya?

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