Wisconsin Open and Concealed Carry Laws and Information


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I did not realize we have open carry.
My hubby was worked with WSP and police officers he was friends with,so he has passed the info on to me.
I would still rather find a class on open carry.


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Hello Shari - I don't know that there is a class specifically for open carry here in Wisconsin. I took the PPA class for concealed carry and the main purpose of that class, and I would imagine any other initial gun class, is mainly safety and owner responsibility. I don't believe that Wisconsin requires that you take a class to carry a gun in the open. But keep in mind that if you choose to carry a handgun in view you will most likely will be stopped and questioned by every police office that sees you. And most of the citizens will call the police if they see you with a gun. The class I took was to get the non-resident Utah permit to carry concealed. Wisconsin does not recognize that permit.:no:

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